Four advantages of domestic MOCVD equipment LED chip epitaxial production cost is the lowest

A few days ago, China's first large-scale domestic MOCVD equipment shipment celebration with world advanced level was shipped in the core park of Shanghai Zhangjiang High-tech Zone, which achieved the strategic goal of localization of China's large-scale MOCVD equipment.

MOCVD is a new type of vapor phase epitaxy technology developed on the basis of vapor phase epitaxy. As the most critical equipment in the production process of LED chips, the core technology of MOCVD has been monopolized by European and American companies for a long time, which seriously restricts the healthy development of China's LED industry.

Zhongsheng Optoelectronics Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. successfully implemented the world-leading large-scale domestic MOCVD equipment with independent innovation intellectual property rights on January 18 this year. It took only 10 months to complete the process. Development and further improvement and optimization of equipment have completed the establishment of necessary conditions and facilities for the industrial production of equipment; on this basis, we have completed multiple field visits by 4 customers to visit the equipment and verify various processes in person.

Customers' evaluation of Zhongsheng MOVCD has 4 core competitiveness:

First, it has the highest system production capacity in the world;

The second is to have the lowest extended production cost;

Third, it has good wavelength uniformity;

Fourth, it has all the key performance required for large-scale epitaxial production. It is particularly important that these core competitive differences have intellectual property rights for independent innovation.

HTLL offers a wide range of high quality Fiber Adaptors for both Singlemode and Multimode applications, which have high precision alignment sleeve for reliability and improved connectivity. We use both Phosphor Bronze for MM and Zirconia Ceramic for SM Adaptors.

Push-Pull Connection mode for convenient operation, Rectangular Structure, Engineering Plastic Shell, Coupling mechanism with bayonet locking.
* High performance interconnections offer very low insertion loss.
* Ceramic (Zirconia) or low-cost Phosphor Bronze alignment sleeves.
* Standard and hybrid adapter.
* Environmental stable.

Fiber Adaptor

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