Three Modes 2*26650 Rechargeable Xml-T6 Tactical LED Torch

Battery Type: Lithium Battery
IP Rating: IP65
Material of Reflecting cup: Glass
Surface Preparation of Reflecting cup: Smooth
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Certification: CE, RoHS, CCC, FCC
Trademark: SX
Transport Package: Box/Carton
Origin: Guangdong
HS Code: 8513101000
Tactical 700Lumen 3Modes 2*26650 Rechargeable XML-T6 LED Flashlight Outdoor Waterproof Torch Light, its body case made of aircraft 6061 aluminum alloy, is processed precisely by CNC machine. Featuring waterproof and shockproof, the torch lamp still normally works even if being one hour's immersed into water 1 meter under, or dropping from 3 meters height. It has 3 light mode: High-Low-Strobe, one-switch for fast and convenient operation. The dedicated plug charger with adapter is included, which assures power supply anytime.
Three Modes 2*26650 Rechargeable Xml-T6 Tactical LED Torch
Utilizes Cree XM-L T6 LED with a lifespan of 100,000 hours
Powered by two 26650 rechargeable Li-ion battery (included)
222mm Length x 32mm Diameter
245 grams (excluding battery)
Included: 1 x Kingfory M4L LED Flashlight, 2 x 26650 Battery, 1 x Plug Charger
Warranty: 1 year
Three Modes 2*26650 Rechargeable Xml-T6 Tactical LED Torch

Low 700 20h 500 m 3m IPX-8, underwater 1m
High 350 10h
Strobe 700 ----

Three Modes 2*26650 Rechargeable Xml-T6 Tactical LED Torch


Integrated Heat Dissipation Design
Anti-static and Anti-corrosion
Rechargeable, Waterproof, Shockproof
Lock-out function avoids accidental operation
Over-heat protection to avoid high temperature of the surface
Over charge and discharge protection to avoid battery damage
Reverse polarity protection, to protect from improper battery installation
Digitally regulated output maintains constant brightness
Hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating
Not only be a locator, but also a self-defense weapon at night, which causes temporary blind to those whose eyes touch the sharp light, even 30meters far away from the flashlight.

Micro LED Copper Light

Micro LED is a new kind of light source which has developed rapidly in recent years. LED light has been widely used for its advantages of small size, low power consumption, long service life, high brightness, low heat and environmental protection.

With the development of LED technology, more and more LED lights, and LED products LED copper wire in the lamp string not only applied to various festivals such as Christmas holiday decoration, and applied to a family to decorate and designs city-lighting project and all kinds of entertainment places.LED twinkle light has incomparable advantages with the traditional incandescent lamp series: colour is gorgeous, can realize a variety of color changes, and effectively reduce the energy consumption, composed of 7 colour color LED twinkle light can not only play the role of lighting, its adornment effect is to let different programs and different occasions add to the festive atmosphere.

The LED copper wire lamp is about 0.38-0.5mm without soldering point, and it has high softness, flexible bending, arbitrary shape and not easy to be broken down.                                                                                                        

 [1]LED copper wire lamps are mainly used in the use of value: low power consumption, high efficiency, long life cold light source, long time lighting, rich color.

[ 2] LED copper wire light product use performance: easy installation, low maintenance rate, non-friable, high brightness, flexible, high temperature resistance, water proofing property is good, green environmental protection, low temperature, energy saving, high safety, light weight, small volume.
[3]LED copper wire light application range: all kinds of strange new utility can be DIY products, such as clothes, bags, shoes, gloves, jewelry (necklaces, lei), bicycles, motorcycles and all kinds of car shine.Product classification editor
Classification by wire material.
A. Copper wire lamp string.
B. String of silver wires.
C. flexible string
D. copper enameled wire (available in any color, black, white, blue, green, etc.)
Sort by drive.
A. The battery box class LED lamp is equipped with 10-100pcs lamp beads, and the optimal configuration is below 50 beads.
1. 2*AA battery box.
2. 3*AAA battery box.
3. Waterproof 3*AAA battery box.
4. 2*CR2032 battery box.
5. 3*AG13 battery box.
6. Time switch battery box.
7. Multi-functional battery box.
Drive the classification chart.
Drive classification scheme (8 sheets)
B. There is no limit on the configuration of power transformer LED lamps, and the input voltage and LED quantity have a certain relationship as follows:
3 V(10-50 lamps);
4.5V(50 ~ 70 lamps);
6 V(100 ~ 300 lights);
12 V(above 300 lights);
24V(above 1000 lamps);
36 V(above 2000 lamps);
C. Solar energy: use the solar power to charge, put the lamp string controller in the sunny place, and hit the switch to (ON 1) or (ON 2).
D.USB power source:
E. Remote power source: the color change, speed change and brightness change of LED copper wire lamp are realized through the remote control device.
Classification by lamp beads.
A. ordinary rice grains.
B. Shape: such as heart, star, diamond, snowflake, petal, star, Christmas tree, Santa Claus, Christmas boots, etc.
Classification by appearance.
A.lamp string.
B.PVC tube light.
C. watefall lights
D. Cluster Lights
E.Cascade Lights  F.icicle&curtain lights  G.Tangle Free Item  H. Figure Lights   I.3D Acrylic                                              
Use method editing
1- battery pack: install the battery, press the pull switch to install the product to any place you can install.
2- power transformer: the installation is simple and easy to use, just plug in the plug or switch on the battery box switch to power the power.Put the lamp around the place you want and set the shape you want.The humanized design of the product lets you eliminate the trouble of installation and use.
Specification editor
Common length, lamp distance, number of lights.
1M 20 lights (spacing 5CM)
5M 50 lights (spacing 10CM)
10m-100 light (spacing 10CM)                                                                                                                                                  

Micro Led Copper Light

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