Homogeneous price competition for LED lighting products has become increasingly fierce

A few days ago, Beijing's 12 million energy-saving promotion plans sold 12 million yuan per energy-saving lamp. By the end of the year, all public service agencies and households will be able to achieve green lighting. Not only in Beijing but also in provinces and cities such as Jiangxi, Guangzhou and Zhejiang. For many consumers, this is not only a response to the government’s energy-saving and emission-reduction policies, but also the best choice for economy and energy conservation.

However, as far as the home lighting market is concerned, the products are much the same, and the assimilation phenomenon is extremely serious. Under such circumstances, the lighting wholesale and lighting retail stores in some places will make full use of their low-cost advantage to run exclusive stores and brand stores. In the lighting market, prices are chaotic, glass balls are used as crystal beads, and the power of the light source is not true. In addition, the quality of many after-sales services in the lighting industry is imperfect, resulting in market chaos, poor reputation, and other factors that affect the development of the industry.

LED Lighting Heat: Lighting Giant Deer Station

The conclusion of overcapacity is not empty talk. According to public information, under the premise that the cost of LED lighting products is difficult to reach the popularization standard, some organizations predict that the output value of China's LED industry will exceed 150 billion yuan in 2010, and this figure is twice that of 2008. . More industry experts predict that this year's investment in the domestic LED industry will reach 60 billion yuan, an increase of 500% compared to more than 100 billion yuan last year.

The LED industry is popular with the United States, NVC and other lighting giants spend money.

Intense competition: Incomplete industrial mechanisms

The opening of consumer complaint channels in Shilihe Lighting City will take the lead in improving domestic lighting consumption services, achieving standardized and transparent lighting market, comprehensive protection of consumer interests, and value-added industry reputation. The town lighting market staff said that regulating the market structure needs to drive the rural areas from the city, especially the current city lighting stores are numerous, and the consumption is large. The improvement of complaint channels, after-sales service and other structures is directly related to the healthy and rapid development of the industry; Android pointed out that the rural market has not yet formed. Scale, the contradiction is not obvious, and this will also be the long-term development process of the lighting industry.

With the modernization and fashion development of the decoration industry, concepts such as energy-saving lighting, intelligent lighting, decorative lighting, and overall lighting are gradually rising, while brand culture, after-sales service, etc. in lighting stores and lighting stores are not perfect, and the market is anxious. Looking forward to the normalized, large-scale consumption space, and this can only show that the lighting lighting industry is hot, but the whole is still in the development stage, lighting manufacturers are also more than enough.

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