The domestic CDMA market development speeds up Nokia's death

Following the CEO Stephen Elop, after the Chinese market was damaged due to the lack of CDMA terminals, Nokia’s firm GSM and WCDMA “defenders” finally began to move CDMA’s brains. According to foreign media reports, Nokia’s smartphone business owner Joe Harvey recently said that Nokia’s future Windows Phone (hereinafter referred to as WP) mobile phone will be compatible with CDMA networks. However, for domestic CDMA users, this is still a long way off. After all, Nokia WP phones still haven't seen the truth, let alone when there will be CDMA versions of products entering China. This unreachable process is likely to make Nokia miss the tide of the social channel operation of China's CDMA terminals.

WP mobile phone will push CDMA version

At the end of last month, Nokia issued a profit warning, and Morgan Stanley released a research report saying that this is evidence that the company turned to Windows Mobile to accelerate the market share loss of the Symbian system.

At the same time as the investment bank sings down, Nokia’s sales staff feels more “the clever woman is hard to be without the rice”—the Nokia WP phone looks beautiful, but when can it be seen and felt? In this regard, Harbin revealed in an interview with foreign media that the company will speed up the release of new machines, almost every batch of new models every three months. The first WP phone, which was scheduled to be available in early next year, will be unveiled in the second half of this year. She also revealed that Nokia's future WP phone will be compatible with CDMA networks, and will also use mobile phone chips outside of Qualcomm. And said that the company is negotiating with US mobile operators, and the products are in the process of development.

This statement of the CDMA product line echoes the previous Elop's remarks. In May of this year, Elop visited China low-profile and conducted research on Chinese companies. It is reported that he pointed out that the lack of CDMA products has caused Nokia to suffer damage in the Chinese market, and stated that it will definitely consider this in the future.

Faster competitors

Since China officially released its 3G license in early 2009, Nokia has watched the rapid development of CDMA evolution 3G EVDO operated by China Telecom. It chose to continue to focus on traditional strengths, GSM and WCDMA markets, and only sporadically launched. Several TD-SCDMA models.

According to the latest statistics of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, as of the end of April, the number of 3G users in China has reached 67 million, of which China Telecom's 3G subscribers reached 17.84 million. Some insiders of China Telecom stressed to Southern Reporters that this figure does not include data cards, and it is a real mobile phone sales number, among which there are more high-end smart models.

"Even if Nokia chooses to enter now, it is only a icing on the cake for China Telecom." Li Yuankai, an analyst at Huajie Consulting's electronic consumer industry, believes that China Telecom's high-end 3G mobile phone is no less abundant than China Unicom. More importantly, Nokia's opponents are moving very fast, leaving no too many market opportunities.

On June 3, Motorola and China Telecom officially launched the dual-core dual-card dual standby XT882 in Guangdong. This is only about a month away from the previously deployed WCDMA model ME860, and quickly occupied a place in the EVDO high-end market. Another example comes from the domestic brand Yulong Coolpad, which uses Android2.2 smart operating system, 5.0-inch large screen dual-network dual standby smart phone 9930 officially released. China Telecom regards it as the benchmark for Tianyi 3G smartphones.

Missing channel socialization opportunities

In addition to competitors' non-stop release of new CDMA terminal products, the domestic CDMA channel transformation is also accelerating.

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