"Barron" technology was questioned and was exposed for illegal fund-raising

The “Paskars” recently fired for a while, especially after the first test in Beidaihe District of Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province, on August 2th. The exposure was extremely high in both Chinese and foreign media. However, the "Global Times" under the People's Daily stated that the project is similar to the e-tenant's financing platform and there is an illegal fund-raising phenomenon. It revealed that Song Youzhou, the chief designer of the “Batie”, had only primary school education.

"Barron" technology has been questioned

For the August 2 test, the Global Times stated that it is “the level of the playground”. There is no new technology in the car. It is a model car born out of the car, and even the wheels and tracks are not.

The "Batie" once declared in the publicity materials that the project had obtained the feasibility certification of the "Shanghai Jiaotong University Automobile Research Institute." In this regard, the dean of the institute, Yin Chengliang, denied interviewing Song Youzhou in an interview with Southern Weekend in 2010. The vice president of the institute and two professors stated in the same report that they analyzed the design, but it was personal behavior. According to the assessment, the professors believe that the design is “essentially feasible”, but the assessment report “is not very perfect”.

Risk-free illegal fundraising

The national enterprise credit information publicity system shows that the company registered in December 2015, registered in Dongcheng District, Beijing, with a registered capital of 100 million yuan, and two natural person shareholders are Zhu Hongbin and Bai Danqing. According to public information, the chairman of the company is Bai Danqing, who is also the chairman of “Beijing Huaying Kailai Asset Management Co., Ltd.”.

The Global Times quoted netizens who once worked for Kailai in China as saying that Huaying Kailai will become the next “e renting treasure” at any time.

According to the “Daily Economic News” report, the “China Construction Enterprise Confederation”, a related party of Huaying Kailai, recruited construction parties for the follow-up project of the Batie project in June this year, but the construction party must first become a member of the China Construction Enterprise Association. , Pay an initial fee ranging from 3 million to 8 million yuan.

This “society” that required payment of millions of dues was identified by the Ministry of Civil Affairs in April this year as a “community society”.

According to investigations, "China Construction Enterprise United Group Corporation" is also a company controlled by Bai Danqing. At this point, the project's borrower (Basin Technology), the guarantor (China Construction Association), and the service party (Huaying Kailai) are companies that Bai Danqing has invested in. Professionals call this self-inflicted behavior and are suspected of illegal fundraising.

Via Global Times & Lianhe Zaobao & New York Times Chinese Website

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