Uber and Didi merge the former into the largest shareholder

On August 1, many foreign media reported today that Didi will merge with China Uber China. After the merger, Uber will acquire a 20% stake in the new company, and the new company will have a valuation of US$35 billion. According to a report quoted by the Wall Street Journal, Uber will become the largest shareholder of Didi after the merger of DiV and China Uber.

Earlier this morning, a blog post by Uber CEO Karanic was widely distributed on social media. The article said that Uber China and Didi intend to merge and talk about the Chinese market. China's Uber's public relations staff responded that they did not see relevant blogs. Subsequently, Tao Ran, vice president of Didi's trip, responded that the blog is fake.

On July 21, there were also rumors that Uber investors were interested in signing a cooperation agreement with Didi and discussing the possibility of potential transactions between Uber China and Didi. However, the news has been denied by both Didi and Uber. Zhu Jingshi, the head of Didi Strategy, also made it clear that the news is purely a rumor.

Last Thursday, the Ministry of Communications and other departments jointly issued the "Interim Measures for the Administration of Online Booking Taxi Operating Services", and the legal status of the network car was clearly defined. The method stipulates that private cars that meet the conditions can be converted into net-cars according to certain procedures and engaged in special-car operations. This paved the way for Didi and China Uber and mergers and further development.

It is understood that Didi and Uber will officially announce the merger related matters tonight.

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