Lutron and Cree Introduce Industry's Most Efficient LED Commercial Lighting System

Recently, Lutron Electronics and Cree® signed an agreement to embed Lutron's Eco System® technology into Cree® fixtures through a single chip to improve energy efficiency for architects, contractors and owners.

Each Cree® luminaire with Lutron Eco System® technology is equipped with a proven smart microprocessor built into Cree® LED luminaire drivers. This design avoids additional interfaces and ensures instant communication and seamless integration between the luminaire and the control system.

Lutron said the solution addressed concerns about system compatibility, made LED control digital and intelligent, and demonstrated Lutron's open network capabilities. Lutron's Eco System® control technology directly connects all of Lutron's wireless and wired systems, as well as other architectural agreements such as BACnet, to help customers achieve seamless control and energy efficiency.

Typical energy saving strategies include:

• High-end correction
• Personalized control
• duty sensing
• Time control dimming
• Daylight collection
• Demand feedback
Cree LED luminaires using Lutron's Eco System® technology are the most efficient commercial lighting systems in the industry, thanks to Cree's best-in-class products of 110 lumens per watt and Lutron's proven energy control strategy. Additional energy savings of up to 60%. This solution is ideal for energy-efficient retrofits and new construction projects, helping building owners meet a number of existing and new building energy efficiency regulations.

Digital control and dimming technology make LED control intelligent, significantly extending LED life and increasing flexibility in all space design and control. This solution also helps building owners significantly reduce operating costs. According to Cree analysts, Cree CR Series LED ceiling panels with Lutron Eco System® technology extend the life of the fixture by up to 50%. The series is also the first Cree product with Eco System® technology, and more similar products will follow.

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