PC vengeance night before watching super pole instinct to become a super battleship

Looking back at the PC industry in the first half of 2012, we can only describe it in plain terms. All turning points began to appear in early June. The just-concluded Taipei Computer Show has almost become a special event for the new Ultrabook and Windows 8, Intel will carry the Ivy Bridge platform. Ultrabook describes the real new beginning of the PC. Recalling Intel’s first ultrabook project at the 2011 Taipei Computer Show, the industry also heard a lot of skeptical voices, saying that this plan to imitate MacBook Air really succeeded? It now appears that no one will doubt whether the Ultrabook strategy is correct, and the industry is focusing on what opportunities and changes the Ultrabook will bring to the future PC market.

The Ultrabook has indeed become the hottest technology vocabulary in 2012. Its significance to the industry is far more than the "downsizing" of the volume. Intel, which proposes and promotes the Ultrabook strategy, hopes that it can become the main carrier of personal computing products in the future. Its control over the personal computer market counters the threat posed by that brand. Over the past five years, the brand that has caused the world to be insane has changed the structure of the mobile phone industry with its iPhone. The iPad tablet PC launched two years ago has made PCs the object of decline. In the face of it, the members of the Wintel camp began brewing plans for revenge. Superbooks and Windows 8 were the most powerful weapons considered to be able to reverse the war situation. They were now set off than the ultrabooks of warships. Windows 8 is expected to participate in the battle in October this year. At this time, just like the night before revenge, we will first analyze whether the ultra-pole warship can become a super warship with powerful firepower to achieve that PC's plan of revenge.

PC vengeance night to see super pole instinct to become a super battleship

Ultra-pole warships begin to build armament expansion estimates

One thing that must be acknowledged is that the prototype and design idea of ​​Ultrabook is from Apple's MacBook Air in 2008. After four years of development, MacBook Air has changed from the edge of the product line that was originally added to the current absolute mainstream. Since 2011, Apple has switched all Apple's entry-level notebooks to MacBook Air. The light and thin trend is irreversible. After the brewing and running-in of 2011, the ultrabook has also entered the fast lane this year. Estimates for the supply chain in Taiwan will increase by 300% compared with the same period last year. From this point of view, The Ultrabook should be a fleet, and it has already begun to build and continue to expand its military capabilities. The following chart is based on data from the Topological Industries Research Institute in Taiwan. The ultrabook notebook market, such as Ultrabook and MacBook Air, is projected to have a staggering growth rate this year, and MacBook Air's market leadership has been shaken.

Ultra-Ultra Battleship Analysis of Lightweight Ultra-Ultimate Battleships Cannot Be Underestimated
Obviously, the process of ultrabooks is advancing, and there is more and more light and thin in the PC camp. Ultrabook provides ideas for the thinness of mobile PCs, provides technology, and even provides a complete battle plan such as molds. In this year's main platform, Intel's third-generation Smart Core processor uses the industry's most advanced 22nm process and 3D transistor technology, further reducing the size of the chip, reducing the heat, giving OEMs more room to play.

Thin and light is the trend, catching up with Apple's MacBook Air and just lightly released Macbook Pro new products, thin ultrabooks and notebooks may also be able to snatch the iPad to take the netbook territory, because PC giants know that iPad and other tablet computers are short Although the board is easy to carry, input and commercial computing are not satisfactory. The ultra-lightweight is comparable to that of the super battleship, providing the super battleship with a powerful firepower that can compete with the enemy.

The SSD drive is like a supercharger that allows super battleships to respond quickly. Ultrabooks can respond in 2 seconds and start up quickly, thanks to the involvement of SSDs. SSDs are like the nuclear power of super warships, making up for the shortcomings of traditional computers, allowing Ultrabooks to break away from the long-term storage constraints, making Ultrabook's speed stand out from the PC camp.

Recall that Shenzhou Chairman Wu Haijun made a prediction on the price trend of SSDs. He believes that the price of 128GB SSDs will drop below US$100 by the end of this year. At that time, the SSD capacity of each ultrabook will be doubled. SSD implanted in ultrabooks also allows users to clearly see the powerful upgrade of mobile computers equipped with nuclear power. Intel stipulated that the SSD is an essential part of the Ultrabook, which also made this pioneer ship a leader in the counterattack camp and led the way for the hardware development of the entire mobile PC.

New Ultrabooks Can Be Deformed to Meet Opponents In April last year, Intel quietly finalized the first generation of Ultrabooks, which stipulated a strict configuration standard for Ultrabooks and also established a long-term future for the future of Ultrabooks. planning. Intel does not want Ultrabook to stay in the transitional form of current laptops. It hopes that Ultrabooks can continuously innovate and break through, and it will evolve once and for all according to the needs of users.

At this year's Computex Taipei Computer Show we have seen a lot of evolutionary trends, such as the dual-screen ultrabook, the ultrabook of the drop-down keyboard, the 21:9 ultra-wide screen ultrabook, the reverse screen ultrabook and the body. Separated Ultrabooks and more. The first ally of the PC camp has opened up divergent thinking for the development of the Ultrabook. This makes the ship, which has reached the forward position, can be equipped with anti-radar, submersible, variable and other powerful functions at the first time. Think about the future of the ultra-pole giant ship may be "in the Avengers Alliance" inside the invincible carrier, like to dive, can sail, fly, multi-form and multi-angle opponents to compete.

The Ultrabook is a battleship. Win8 is a nuclear bomb that just said a lot of performance improvements in the physical configuration of the supercopter, but if there is no strong fire coverage, the best battleship can only be a pile of steel that can float, and the Apple camp Single, closed, dictatorial, but its firepower can be invincible in the world of the day. Fortunately, another leader in the PC camp, Microsoft, sent a nuclear bomb, code-named Windows 8, in this fall.

The imminent availability of Windows 8 has made the overwhelmed PC camps see the hope of defeat. They all know that one of the keys to the victory of the WWII allies is that the United States first created a nuclear bomb and let it be released on the land of Axis Japan. Powerful power. Windows 8 is exactly the long-awaited nuclear bomb of the PC camp. The ultra-pole encounters unexpected chemical reactions in Windows 8, which will increase the user experience in the PC camp and allow the super-huge ship to obtain the powerful firepower of the Apple Empire. As a result, counterattack became possible.

The Achilles' heel of a luxury battleship is the three non-negligible weaknesses of this ultra-pole battleship

Of course, the current ultrabook is not perfect. As the advance team of the PC camp, it has not reached a state of overwhelming.

The nuclear power currently possessed by Ultrabooks, SSD hard drives, is also fully compatible with other fleets in the PC camp. After they are equipped with SSDs, they can easily overtake the current ultrabooks. Moreover, the fruit camp has gradually switched SSD hard drives in this generation of new products. It is also nuclear power that can only be purified higher than anyone else's nuclear material, that is, whose flash memory particles are more advanced.

Second, the cost of the Ultrabook is too high, and the cost of creating a super battleship is at least 15 percentage points higher than that of a fruit battleship of the same grade. This is even more stretched for the PC camp, which has lost slightly in gold and yuan. More importantly, in the face of Apple MacBook Air's consistently petty bourgeoisie image, the key to whether consumers can be willing to buy more books is increasingly.

Third, when will the Ultrabook's Win8 nuclear bomb be in place, whether the power of the nuclear bomb can achieve the desired effect, whether the nuclear bomb has the desired accuracy and lethality, and whether the warship's artillery will appear in the low-level technical specifications of the nuclear bomb. Incompatibility, whether the current artillery situation can hit the nuclear bomb far enough. These are still unknown, enough to make the PC camp uneasy.

[Postscript] In retrospect, the United Kingdom also defeated Spain’s Invincible Fleet in the absence of full grasp, thus laying the foundation for maritime hegemony for the rise of the Japanese Empire. The Ultrabook, as the first ship set sail in the PC camp, is also the latest type of giant ship. In the face of the proud fruit empire, there is no complete victory in arms, equipment, technology, and orientation. It can be said that Both have their own strengths. The key to the short-term battle depends on whether Ultrabook is able to perform a perfect match with Windows 8 system. Looking at the success or failure of the long-term war, the strategies of the two camps seem to be more critical.

From the strategic blueprint provided by Intel, the future of Ultrabook is promising, and OEM partners have spared no effort to continuously improve and strengthen this super-warship. Although there is still a gap between the 40% city and Intel’s expected market share at the end of this year, the growth rate of ultrabooks is still very alarming. According to the number of visits to the ZOL Ultrabook Channel, it can be seen that the ratio of channel visits between notebooks and Ultrabooks is 3:1 from March this year to the end of June. Acer Acer also expressed during the Taipei Computer Show that this year's ultra-pole shipments are expected to account for 20% of Acer's total shipments. From the Taiwan regional supply chain news, it is expected that Windows 8 touch screen ultrabooks will account for 8% this year and the end of next year will reach a 15% ratio, inferring that the ultra-high market growth rate in the future is predictable. The ultra-pole battleship has now set sail, carrying the PC revenge plan, but also to welcome the advent of the new PC era, how the results, and wait and see.

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