Analysis and Suggestions on Safety Performance of LED Tube Products

LED self-ballasted tube lamps using G5 and G13 caps for replacing double-ended fluorescent lamps have high market demand, but currently LED tube lamp products lack national or industry standards, and international studies have not completed safety standards. The standard can not be officially released, the production enterprises are at a loss, the product quality is basically uncontrollable, and it also brings product safety hazards to consumers. For the LED tube lamps exported to Europe, the standards adopted by the major testing organizations in the world are not the same, and they are roughly divided into two categories:
The first category requires LED tube lamps to comply with all or part of the relevant standards . Specific requirements include: luminaire safety standard IEC60598-1, self-ballasted LED lamp safety standard IEC62560, lamp head standard IEC60061, lamp control device standard IEC61347- 2-13, LED module safety standard IEC62031, double-ended fluorescent lamp safety standard IEC61195.
The second category directly refers to the draft IEC62776 , which was discussed by the TC34/SC34A panel in April 2012. The standard is based on the document: 34A/1636/DC and is currently in the draft phase and is scheduled for release in October 2014. For LED tube lamps exported to the United States, UL adopts UL1993, UL8750 and ULSubject1598C-SupplementSA. The test items are mainly divided into: housing, lamp size, LED drive circuit, creepage distance and clearance, LED light source and other items.
The JEL801-2010 standard developed by Japan is only applicable to straight-tube type LED tube lamps with general-purpose illumination and DC drive (drive power supply external) with L-type (GX16.5) lamp head. This type of product avoids the ordinary fluorescent tube lamp. Exchange security issues that may result from the application. The main safety test items are: lamp interchangeability, mechanical strength, lamp head torque, lamp head temperature rise, lamp head creepage distance and clearance, anti-shock protection, insulation resistance, electrical strength, heat resistance, and flame resistance.
The product quality monitoring results of LED tube lamps, in 2013, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine carried out the national risk monitoring of LED tube lamp product safety performance.
(1) Lamp interchangeability - G5 or G13 lamp interchangeability This test item is mainly due to the fact that the maximum thread size of the lamp cap and the minimum thread size do not meet the lamp head standard requirements. The main failures are as follows: the pin pitch does not match the gauge that cannot be inserted, the diameter of the pin is too small, and the length of the pin is too long.
(2) Protection against accidental contact with live parts.

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