LED street lights won the favor of Taiwan and will invest 1.1 billion in 2 years.

Jiang Yihua, dean of the Taiwanese Executive Yuan, approved the "Silver Street Lights Sunset Plan" today (14). It is expected to invest 5.49 billion yuan (NT$, the same amount, equivalent to RMB 1.097 billion) in the next two years to assist local governments. At the end of 2016, the 692,000 mercury street lamps under its jurisdiction will be replaced by LED street lamps. After completion, the Taiwan region will become the first region in the world to completely eliminate mercury street lamps.

It is estimated that the annual electricity saving will reach 640 million kWh, and the local government's financial burden will be alleviated. It is estimated that the annual electricity savings will be 1.1 billion yuan (equivalent to about 220 million yuan) and the maintenance fee of 346 million yuan (about RM6.116 million). During the 5-year warranty period, local governments can save a total of 7.23 billion yuan (equivalent to about RMB 1.445 billion).

Executive Yuan spokesperson Sun Liqun said that in order to accelerate the development of LED lighting and optoelectronics industry in Taiwan and expand energy conservation and carbon reduction, the LED traffic signal plan has been promoted since 2008, and the Taiwan region has been promoted to the second region in the world to fully use LED traffic lights; In the same year, it took the lead in formulating the LED street light standard (CNS15233) and began to promote the LED street light demonstration program.

The Executive Yuan said that in addition to the above-mentioned government funds to promote the installation of LED street lights, the use of mercury street lights will be banned by mandatory regulations, achieving the goal of the sunset of mercury street lamps in Taiwan. The performance of LED street lamps in Taiwan has been greatly improved. The average luminous efficiency exceeds 100lm/W, which is more than three times that of mercury street lamps. At the same time, the life span is more than 6 years, and the life of mercury lamps is more than three times. It has the advantage of replacing traditional mercury street lamps.

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