Analysis of three key points of LED lighting channel investment

In 2011, there were many LED companies with sales in the domestic market of around 100 million yuan, but many large and medium-sized enterprises with self-proclaimed capital and advanced technology were frowning. After the recent investigation of these LED lighting companies, they found that they all want to overtake. LED lighting channel investment is not difficult to do, the key points are the following three aspects:

First, which dealers are the LED lighting investment targets?

There are currently seven channels for analysis in the lighting industry: engineering dealer channels, professional engineering channels, lighting retail channels, OEM channels, invisible channels, wholesale or hardware channels, and supermarket channels.

At present, the products that have already been sold are the series of downlight-based engineering products for hotel projects and the home series products based on ceiling lamps. Therefore, the current best investment target should be engineering dealers, and lighting store dealers. However, the operation ideas of the two are not the same.

In fact, most LED companies, including Qiyi Lighting, are sold through professional engineering companies to undertake small projects.

Although Philips, Osram, and GE all have long-term plans and specific actions for LED lighting. However, because of their success in the traditional lighting field, they will become obstacles in their LED lighting. Similarly, NVC and Opp will also face this contradiction.

Therefore, if it can be described more accurately, the best investment target for LED lighting is:

1. Domestic first- and second-line dealers of foreign brands such as Philips, Osram, GE, etc. Most of them are engineering dealers.

2, NVC, Op, Sanxiong Aurora, Jiamei and other commercial lighting dealers, will become the second choice.

3, the national lighting 500 dealers, because of the full display space, will become the main force of the market terminal.

Second, what should the terminal form look like?

Sell ​​LED lighting products like selling software. The terminal is for the sale of services. The core of LED lighting products sales is not the product itself, but the performance plan.

1. Engineering distributor: The best terminal display is the model project. This requires a consultative marketing team.

2. Commercial lighting distributor: commercial light effect experience center.

3, lighting store dealer: home light effect experience center.

The construction of the Light Effect Experience Center is bound to bring the lighting design to a higher level. At the same time, this will also require our sales staff to have a professional LED energy efficiency solution.

This undoubtedly presents a problem for manufacturers and distributors. For such technical activities, who is best at who can immediately follow, who is the winner.

3. What are the requirements for the investment team?

The marketing staff of the marketing department is responsible for attracting investment promotion, assisting distribution, and building terminals;

Sales Department: responsible for order implementation, customer service;

The technical department's engineers are responsible for product technology services;

The lighting designer of the design department is responsible for the provision of performance programs;

The trainer of the training department is responsible for the training of dealers;

The project director of the engineering department, the headquarters of the major project is responsible for the system, and the dealers take profits.

Here is an example: Osram’s core agent, Wang Zong, has been researching LED for a long time. In 2011, he discovered some engineering opportunities. At the same time, he began to screen partners. He listed the following conditions:

1, the industry chain should be perfect, not only the manufacture of lamps, but not chip technology, so he does not want to choose in the ancient town; can not have chip packaging, and a large number of OEM lamps, so he does not want to choose those so-called big companies.

2, product portfolio: not only have high-tech products, but also have normal production of normal products; both engineering products, but also a batch of zero-class products, the two must operate in a series. In 2010, the Magnolia lamp launched by Ford, as a supporting light source for high-end crystal lighting, has become a bright spot in the industry. At the end of 2011, large-scale engineering dealers in Zhejiang, Tianjin, Henan, Liaoning and other places signed contracts with Ford, and the first batch of payments was as high as 1.5 million. If Steve's regular products can be described as true, Shifu will be a blockbuster.

3. Market support: Because Wang has always been the core agent of OSRAM, there is only engineering relationship and there is not much distribution network. This is obviously unfavorable for the regional promotion of LED brands. Therefore, Mr. Wang hopes that the brand will send out sales. The team, combined with long-term operations and centralized construction, through the form of conference marketing, branding, etc., to carry out the construction of engineering distribution and network distribution. Especially for distributors of lighting store channels, manufacturers must come out to achieve. Otherwise, there is no store display and performance display center, and the brand's meeting rate is difficult to guarantee.

4, model project: Because of good land relations, Wang is not very worried about this aspect, but Mr. Wang needs the technical staff and lighting designers sent by the company to cooperate in many aspects. Not only do they need the assistance of the manufacturers themselves, but they also need to let customers experience this kind of support and service.

5. Training team: Mr. Wang wants to learn the marketing mode of LED lighting from the brand. At the same time, I also want to gain the ability of the original team through the operation of the brand, and optimize the team.

In fact, the operation of a brand, especially a promising LED lighting brand, the first batch, Wang always does not worry. In the words of Wang, in his own words, "If a project does not invest 2 million, even if it is received, it is not good, it is better not to do it!"

In short, if the company can position itself from the above three aspects, aim at the target. Will be able to make a difference. According to the investigation results of the Eagle Geese team, to do a good job in LED lighting marketing, we should also pay attention to the following four aspects:

Brand promotion, model engineering, service experience, performance program.

Here, I would like to advise those investors and entrepreneurs who are targeting the LED industry. Since they start to operate the lighting industry in the LED industry, they must first seize the big distributors in the lighting industry. Otherwise, if the big family is taken away by the competitors, they will regret it. It is not difficult to be able to seize the big dealers. The difficulty is how do you find a team that can add value to these large dealers.

(This article is reproduced on the Internet. The texts and opinions expressed in this article have not been confirmed by this site, nor do they represent the position of Gaogong LED. Readers need to verify the relevant content by themselves.)

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