Application of Coaxial Anti-Nozzle Technology on UAV

There are many types of drones , which are based on the evolution of many existing aircraft. Now the coaxial twin-rotor helicopter has matured in the world, but in the aviation field of China, it is difficult to machine parts due to its operating mechanism. Big, so there is no widespread application in China. Because the machine has good stability, simple operation, no long tail and tail rotor, tail rotor failure caused the crash can be avoided, it is one of many R & D direction, but also used in UAV technology challenges .

Application of Coaxial Anti-Nozzle Technology on UAV

Throughout the drone market, more than 99% of the companies use single-rotor or multi-rotor drive technology. There are very few R&D technologies for cross-axis technology. There is no experience to draw on, which makes Huayi Aerospace develop dual-rotor Coaxial drones rely on independent design and development. After numerous verifications, the UAV product is finally coming out, so stay tuned.

If you want to avoid frequent battery replacement, what you need to consider is the battery lifespan. The right battery cell is the first thing to take into consideration. Compared with other batteries, the lithium iron phosphate battery cell has a longer life. The LiFePO4 battery cell owns the characteristics of high energy density, long cycle life and high safety. The cycle life of a long-life lead-acid battery is about 300-500 times. But the lithium iron phosphate power battery which build with LiFePO4 battery cell has a cycle life of more than 2000 times, which can make you can use the battery with greater peace of mind.

Multiple BMS Function

- Overcharge protection 
- Over discharge protection
- Over current protection
- Temperature protection
- Short circuit protection
- Charging balance function
- Cell capacity estimation function

What is a UFO BMS equipped with? 

- RS232/RS485 Communication Interfaces
- LED Indicators
- Memory Function
- Dry Contact Function (optional)
- LCD Display Function (optional)

- Total Capacity Function: Total discharge capacity Ah and total discharge energy Wh

UFO Lithium Battery BMS

The Function of Communication Interface

● RS232 Communication Interface
BMS can communicate with the host computer through the RS232 interface, so as to monitor the battery information at the upper computer terminal, including battery voltage, current, temperature, state, SOC, SOH and battery production information, etc. 

● RS485 Communication Interface
With RS485 interface, when the LiFePO4 Battery Pack is used in parallel, the main battery pack communicates with the slave battery ack through RS485 communication interface,so all the battery pack information can be viewed through the RS232 on the main Pack. 

Smart BMS

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