Mainstream entry aerial drone shopping guide--智云Popeye

Zhiyun Popeye (Popeye, full waterproof)

Background: Zhiyun is a domestic manufacturer of handheld stabilizer products, with more than ten handheld stabilizer products. Previously, we also reviewed Zhiyun's Z1-Pround and Z1- Evolution two stabilizers for GoPro and similar sports cameras, and Popeye is Zhiyun's first drone product , featuring the whole machine is fully waterproof and thrown into The water can also take off again.

Product introduction: Zhiyun Popeye is a small four-axis drone with a wheelbase of about 330mm and a 9-inch propeller. Popeye's entire body is waterproof. If you don't carry a gimbal or camera, you can completely throw it into the water, and then start the motor to take off. In the test video, the tester asked Popeye to shut down the motor at a height of tens of meters, allowing Popeye to fall freely into the water, and then... and then Popeye could take off again. Incidentally, the fully waterproof structure of the Zhiyun Popeye with a remote control set is priced at 3,999 yuan, without pan/tilt and camera.

Some people may say that if you bring a gimbal and a camera, is there such a strong waterproof? In fact, if you use a hard-wired way, hang a GoPro with a waterproof case, you can still throw it directly into the water. If you use Zhiyun's Tiny2 three-axis stabilization gimbal, you can continue to work in a heavy rain environment. The gimbal is not waterproof, but it is still rainproof.

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