Kangbao kitchen appliances: the wisdom upgrade of Guangdong's old appliances

With 28 years of manufacturing history sterilizer old appliances in Guangdong - Guangdong combo Electric Institute was established in Beijing, taking advantage of Beijing's scientific and technological resources, to provide technical support from a multi-faceted strategy, technology, resources and other traditional products, "Wisdom upgrade " . A new generation of products, integrating disinfection cabinets and household storage, to meet the needs of modern people's family miniaturization, health and safety requirements. Whether it is chopping board, stir-fry spoon, knives, all kitchen utensils "one net to the end " , " sweeping thousands of bacteria " , at the same time, maternal and child supplies can also be stored separately.


Founded in 1988 , Kangbao Electric is the leading enterprise in the domestic disinfection cabinet industry. After nearly 30 years of development, it has become the world's largest production base for disinfection cupboards. At the end of last year, Kangbao joined hands with the National Nanoscience Center to jointly develop a series of new materials, such as antibacterial materials, thermal insulation materials, and purification materials for hoods. This new upgrade is the first " debut " after a series of R&D layouts .


After more than 20 years of development history, the disinfection cabinet products have reached the time of renewal, and the existing product platforms have been unable to meet the needs of consumers. To this end, combo researched nearly 1,000 sample users, explored the potential needs of users and product pain points, and launched a customized product platform for personalized user needs.

Kangbao Electric CTO Lan Cuiqin said that based on the space requirements of modern homes, the product design has not increased the volume but the actual effective capacity has increased, and users can get more capacity by spending the same amount of money. Lan Cuiqin said that the large-capacity, classified storage space structure can avoid frequent access to disinfection supplies, one-time disinfection can be used for one week, and the disinfection cabinet can also be used as a storage space for kitchen supplies.

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