Application of Electronic Component Skills of Computer Squadron

Because the life characteristics of electronic components obey the classic bathtub curve, that is, the early failure rate of the product is high, and after a period of use, its failure rate tends to decrease. Although screening itself cannot improve the inherent reliability of electronic components, it can use external stress or detection to remove early failure components from the entire batch of products, thereby improving the reliability of the entire batch of components. If the potential defects of the components cannot be eliminated in the early work, the resulting final product will eventually be exposed in the form of early failures during use, reducing the reliability of the product. Therefore, in engineering practice, the components used by the onboard computer must be subjected to a secondary screening of 100, the purpose of which is to ensure the installed quality of the components and improve the reliability of the use of the onboard computer.

Screening items for electronic components generally include: power veteran, temperature cycle, tightness inspection and ion collision noise detection (PIND). Among them, the stress applied by the power veteran project includes electrical stress and temperature stress. The failure modes caused by it generally include surface defects and input circuit degradation. The typical failure modes caused by temperature cycling projects are generally micro cracks in components. However, for some components (such as crystal oscillators, filters, etc.) and some large-scale integrated circuits (such as CPUs), because there is currently no means of detection, therefore, only temperature cycling, tightness inspection and ion For conventional screening items such as collision noise detection (PIND), electrical performance testing is not performed during screening. After the screening is completed, the user of the component performs performance verification on the test board, and the installation can be used after verification. For some programmable devices, due to the cumbersome testing method in screening, generally only conventional screening is performed, and electrical performance testing is not performed. However, according to the actual use, test the leakage current and other parameters before programming to determine the basic process quality, and then program the device according to the system design requirements. The programmed device will be filtered according to the specific function according to the secondary screening requirements of the model Carry out a full screening test to ensure the reliability of installed components.

BLPS laser safety protective device is designed for personal safety used on hydraulic bender.
The dynamic test technology it used has passed the Type 4 functional safety assessment by TUV, and get the national invention patent. The product reaches the advanced technological level of similar products.
BLPS laser safety device provides protection zone near the die tip of the bender to protect fingers and arms of the operator in close to the upper mold die tip. It is the most effective solution so far to preserves the safety and productivity of the bender.

Press Brake Protection

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