Canyuan recently released 230lm / W high-efficiency LED chip experimental data

The latest LED chip luminous efficiency of Canyuan is as high as 230lm / W. After the LED bulb complete product is imported, its light efficiency can still be maintained at 230lm / W, which is not affected by the reduction of the light efficiency of the lamp, and the angle of the LED light bulb. It can reach 300 degrees, compared to the current 120-degree light angle of semi-period LED bulbs or 270 degrees of full-period bulbs, the new product will greatly increase the wide-angle performance of LED bulbs.

Canyuan said that according to the LED chip luminous efficiency previously published by the industry, at the laboratory stage, the US giant CREE has reached 265lm / W, Nichia can reach 250lm / W, and Canyuan ’s current 203lm / W chip light efficiency is in the experiment The laboratory stage ranks third in the world, and if mass production is successful, it is expected to be the brightest LED die product in the world. Canyuan did not elaborate on its technical principles, but it is understood that the product is applied to small-sized LED die using phosphor coating technology.

Canyuan said that due to the increased efficiency, the chips used in its LED bulbs can be greatly reduced, and the demand for high heat dissipation is also greatly reduced, and the manufacturing cost will naturally fall. It is expected that the mass production will start in November and will be available every month in the future. Revenue contribution of 50 million yuan.

DMX512 Digital LED Strip is a programmable led strip, be controlled by the international standard DMX512 protocol, which is addressable and programmable

 by using the external drive chip DMX512.Compatible with and extend DMX512 (1990) signal protocol, the control mode is differential parallel,

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DMX512 Digital LED Strip

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