Dongguan's main roads use LED lighting for the whole year.

On June 21, the Dongguan Municipal Government held the 13th executive work meeting to review and approve the “Work Plan for the Promotion and Application of LED Lighting Products in Dongguan”. According to the plan, Dongguan main roads will use LED lighting throughout the year.

The plan pointed out that Dongguan City will take the lead in the field of public lighting, that is, in the field of lighting engineering, such as roads, public places, government agencies, state-owned enterprises and other financial or state-owned capital investment, to complete the promotion and application of LED lighting products, all new projects in the above fields will be the same. Lighting products such as LED street lights, garden lights and landscape lights are used. The original non-LED lighting products were rebuilt before the end of 2013.

As mentioned in the plan, since July 2012, the energy conservation service company and the supervision organization have been identified through bidding, and relevant contracts have been signed. During the year, the road lighting replacement and new LED street lights will be more than 30,000 gongs, and the main road lighting rate will reach 100%. Indoor public lighting LED lighting rate of 70%. In 2013, the LED street light installation rate of the secondary trunk road and the branch road residential area reached 100%, and the landscape lighting and public indoor lighting used more than 90% of the LED lighting products.

According to the plan, by promoting the implementation of application engineering, the LED industry in the city will be promoted to develop rapidly and healthily, and the annual output value will be more than 50 billion yuan by the end of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period.

In order to promote the wide application of LED lighting products, the "Program" specifically proposed a subsidy program. According to the regulations, the LED lighting product demonstration project implemented in each town street and each park is purchased and meets the recommended target products of the provincial LED benchmark system. The municipal finance subsidizes 10% of the approved LED Lamp price; non-governmental units and enterprises participate. Demonstration projects and procurement in line with the provincial LED benchmark system recommended catalogue products, the municipal finance subsidies in accordance with 30% of the approved LED lighting prices.

If the total amount of lamps for a single project is less than 10 million yuan, the maximum financial subsidy shall not exceed 3 million yuan; the total amount of lamps for a single project shall be between 10 million yuan and 50 million yuan, and the maximum financial subsidy shall not exceed 6 million yuan; For more than 50 million yuan, the maximum financial subsidy is no more than 10 million yuan.

Slide Switches

The Slide Switches is used to switch the circuit by turning the switch handle to turn the circuit on or off. It is different from our other serious switches, for example, Metal Switches , Automotive SwitchesLed Light SwitchesPush Button Switches, Micro Switches, The commonly used varieties of Miniature Slide Switches are single pole double position, single pole three position, double pole double position and bipolar three position. It is generally used for low voltage circuits, featuring flexible slider action, stable and reliable performance. Mainly used in a wide range of instruments, fax machines, audio equipment, medical equipment, beauty equipment, and other electronic products.

Slide Switches

The Mini Slide Switches are divided into: low-current slide switches (right), and high-current slide switches (left). Small current slide switches are commonly used in electronic toys, digital communications. High current is generally used in electrical appliances, machinery, etc.

Micro Slide Switch

It can divided into 4 types modals, respectively are:

1. High-current sealed switch

Its rated current is as high as 5A, and it is sealed with epoxy resin. It is a large current sealed switch. It has a variety of terminal forms, contact materials are silver, gold, switching functions. Therefore, there are many types of subdivisions. Widely used in electrical appliances and machinery

2. Single sided snap-on surface mount type slide switch

The actuator is operated on the side and the pins are patch-type, so it is a unilateral spring-back surface mount type slide switch. Widely used in communications, digital audio and video

3.4P3T in-line slide switch

The contact form is 4P3T and the pin is in-line. It is 4P3T in-line slide switch. 4P3T determines that it has 8 pairs of pins. At the same time, there are two pairs of brackets that support, fix, and ground. Widely used in building automation, electronic products

       4.Long actuator jacking type slide switch

Actuator 12mm, and located at the top of the switch, it is a long actuator jacking type slide switch. Widely used in digital audio and video, various instruments / instrumentation equipment

Slide Switches

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