How to calculate the visual distance and dot spacing of the LED display?

1. Calculation method of visible distance of LED display :
RGB color mixing distance three colors mixed into a single color LED display distance: LED full color screen line of sight = pixel point spacing (mm) × 500 / 1000
The minimum viewing distance can display the distance of the smooth image: LED display visible distance = pixel spacing (mm) × 1000/1000
The most suitable viewing distance The viewer can see the distance of the highly clear picture: the best viewing distance of the LED display = pixel spacing (mm) × 3000 / 1000
The farthest viewing distance: LED screen farthest viewing distance = screen height (m) × 30 (times)
2. Point spacing calculation method: the center distance between each pixel point and each adjacent pixel point; each pixel point can be an LED light [eg PH10(1R)], two LED lights [eg: PH16 (2R)], three led lights [such as: PH16 (2R1G1B)], P16 point spacing: 16MM; P20 point spacing: 20MM; P12 point spacing: 12MM...
3, length and height calculation method: point spacing × points = length / height
Such as: PH16 length = 16 points × 1.6cm = 25.6cm height = 8 points × 1.6cm = 12.8cm
PH10 length = 32 points × 1.0cm = 32cm height = 16 points × 1.0cm = 16cm
4, LED display screen using the number of modules calculation method: total area ÷ module length ÷ module height = use the number of modules
Such as: 10 square PH16 outdoor monochrome led display using the number of modules is equal to:
10 square meters ÷0.256 meters ÷0.128 meters = 305.17678 305
More accurate calculation method: length using module number × height using module number = total number of modules used
Such as: length of 5 meters, height 2 meters PH16 monochrome led display using the number of modules:
Long use module number = 5 meters ÷ 0.256 meters = 19.53125 ≈ 20
High number of modules used = 2 meters ÷ 0.128 meters = 15.26 ≈ 16
The total number of modules used = 20 × 16 = 320

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