AI rain and wind one counts those 2016 "high on" technology feast

  Microsoft Build Conference, F8 Developer Conference, Minglu Data Summit, LeEco's annual conference, etc., are all corporate conferences held by various technology giants to launch their own new products. In 2016, the corporate conference of the technology giants was held one after another and could not stop.

AI rain and wind one counts those 2016 "high on" technology feast

2016 is a commemoration of the development of artificial intelligence (AI), and it is also the beginning of the global craze of artificial intelligence. The new spring of artificial intelligence has arrived, and the scale of iteration and development of cloud computing, Internet of Things, big data, robotics and other industries driven by artificial intelligence is immeasurable. The BBC predicts that the global artificial intelligence market will reach 119 billion yuan in 2020. Under the temptation of such a "money" market cake, artificial intelligence has become a territorial place for major technology companies. Technology giants have convened a conference to make their new products stunning.

Microsoft Build Assembly will be held every year <br> <br> Microsoft Build developer conference, in recent years, the General Assembly is increasingly exciting. On March 31, 2016 Microsoft Build Developer Conference was held. At the meeting, Microsoft introduced Windows 10 system, Cortana voice assistant, and real-life enhancement device HoloLens. At this year's Build conference, Microsoft announced news about these products and brought surprises.

Information released by Microsoft indicates that the company has a ambitious plan for Windows 10. Windows 10 will not only provide new applications, but will also provide new smart chat bots to help users complete small tasks. In fact, these chat robots and how they work are the focus of this conference. Windows and Xbox are cool, but smart chat bots are the future.

F8 Developers Conference On April 14, 2016, Facebook held the F8 Developer Conference at the Ford Mason Center in San Francisco. This conference fully demonstrated the significance of chat bots for Facebook. In addition, Facebook has also opened InstantArTIcles on F8, enabling all publishers and developers to let this social network host their content natively.

Although the focus of this developer conference is to motivate developers to use Facebook tools and products to design services, but also hope to help them realize their products. This means that Facebook may introduce the latest developments in FacebookAudienceNetwork. This 2014 release expands the advertising capabilities of this social network to extend it to third-party mobile apps.

Minglu Data Summit On April 15, 2016, Mingluo Data held the Big Data Solution Summit at the Beijing Times Art Museum. This conference is based on the theme of “Data Value Awakening” as the leading enterprise-level big data company in China. Data leads the industry's pace of innovation, and is the first to propose big data landing solutions for the six major areas of public security, taxation, manufacturing, finance, marketing and data interconnection.

In the practice of big data landing, Mingluo data has elaborated on the three major areas of finance, manufacturing and public security in the current key areas. By cooperating with enterprises and departments in these major fields, Mingluo Data provides them with big data integration, analysis, decision-making and other solutions, which play the role of “thousands of eyes and smooth ears”, allowing data to speak and play a role, and predicting in advance may occur. The risk of backing support industry.

LeTV's annual conference on April 20, 2016, LeTV held a press conference in Beijing to launch the LeTV super mobile phone 2 generation, super TV 4 generation, VR glasses and new car products. As the most popular product of the conference, LeTV announced the name of the car LeSEE, which has the meaning of seeing the future. There is a prototype instead of the final product on site. Ding Lei, the co-founder of LeTV Supercar, said that it is still impossible to announce the final appearance of the car today, and more about its concept and basic functions.

This time, LeTV VR technology was broadcast live worldwide, and the first generation VR terminal product, VR helmet LeVRCOOL1, was launched at the conference. In addition to the known live video, LeTV is still building a VR game center and will release dozens of global boutique VR games in the near future. From mobile hardware to video, live broadcast, and games, LeTV is clearly planning to build its own VR ecosystem.

Rockwell Automation Holds Summit Forum On April 29, 2016, Rockwell Automation Co., Ltd. held a two-day annual Asia-Pacific medium voltage inverter and intelligent low voltage cabinet summit forum in Harbin to help customers and businesses in the Asia Pacific region. Partners further understand and master the practical experience of applying “connected enterprises” to accelerate the process of intelligent manufacturing.

The forum has become a professional platform for industry experts and companies in the automation industry chain to share industry information, gain insight into the latest trends, and exchange the latest technology and application experience. The special hands-on experience allows guests to experience the concepts and applications of Rockwell Automation's intelligent motor control. In this forum, the guests also have an in-depth understanding of the quality assurance system, certification and testing processes, service and support projects, and remote monitoring support that support smart manufacturing.
AI rain and wind one, count the 2016 "high on" technology feast _

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