See smart TV W55 selected for 2017 "China Good TV"

On December 12, the “China Good Television” 2017 press conference hosted by the China Electronics Industry Association was held in Beijing. The conference formally announced to the whole society the 2017 "China Good Television" selected products and recommended the high-end flagship, popular explosion models and cost-effective models for the general public in the 2016 color TV industry. See still Super TV W55 selected 2017 "China Good TV" recommended products, won the "excellent interactive gaming TV" award.

Excellent interactive strong performance

Seeing Shang Chaoneng TV won the “Excellent Interactive Game TV” award, indicating its excellent performance in intelligent interaction and performance configuration. See still Super TV W55 64-bit 4-core 1.5GHz CPU, 4-core GPU, with 2G high-speed memory, 8G high-speed memory, with greater performance, faster memory read speed, higher efficiency, when playing large games speed Smooth; built-in WiFi design using 2.4G/5G dual-flight and double-receive antenna, support 802.11b/g/n protocol, wider signal coverage, stronger penetration, uninterrupted anti-jamming, peak transmission rate is common WiFi 2 Times, let the Internet speed faster, allowing users to play in the game world in the end. In terms of sound effects, the still-Super TV W55, through cooperation with DTS, adopted a dual-system independent sound system that incorporates DTS 6-channel technology, and also uses the CVS Nissan technology created by CAN Sound Lab, bringing shock to users. With a lively sound experience, immersive gaming experiences are within easy reach.

Super wide color gamut

The still-superior TV W55 is still the flagship model of the high-end layout, and it can be considered as the “face value” in the Super TV family. In the design, the still Super TV W55 has 9.8mm slim metal body and ultra-narrow frame, less than the thickness of the little finger; sinking linear design, texture breathing lamp, metal beauty back, so that this full range of technology children Television has added an artistic temperament. In the screen configuration, see still Super TV W55 using RGB three-color true 4K screen, resolution of 3840*2160, with 8.29 million effective pixels, 6500:1 contrast, 6.5ms dynamic response time, bring The user's picture quality results are complete. It is worth mentioning that the NTSC color gamut coverage of the Super Vision TV W55 is 92%, realizing a true wide color gamut, and it is in an absolute leading position in the industry. In addition, the still-superior TV W55 is personally revamped by a team of domestic senior movie masters, and adopts seven color enhancement technologies such as automatic brightening, movie mode restoration, and local contrast enhancement, and finally presents a "high-value" picture of the movie film. .

TV game depth layout

Looking at the Super TV W55 this time, it was able to win the "Interactive TV Game of the Year" award. In addition to its strong performance and high face value, game resources are also a very important aspect. As a CIBN licensee's own terminal brand, it is still relying on the CIBN Internet TV platform's powerful content and service resources. In addition to rich video content resources, it also focuses on the layout of video games. The “game tea restaurant” in the video terminal is still the most comprehensive and authoritative interactive video game gaming platform in the industry. It has more than 100,000 high-definition game content and updates 5,000+ new starter games each month. At the same time, it is still working with China's leading cloud gaming platform, Gelaiyun, to launch a number of large-scale hot-selling games on the line, and playing customized games such as “Need for Hurricane II” with Hangzhou Devil, taking the lead in the industry to open a big-screen game customization model; In order to enhance the user's gaming experience, the game player still has a variety of professional game peripherals such as handles, pistols, and steering wheels. From the TV performance, game content, and then with the fine peripherals, to see still Super TV W55 provides users with a cool and incomparable gaming experience.

In general, under the current background of slightly lagging development of video game development, it is still possible to pass the preemptive layout of hardware products and TV-end game applications to the market to see the W55 award. A dazzling answer sheet reflects the ingenuity in the vertical entertainment needs of the living room game. We will continue to use this as an incentive to continue to sincerely improve our products, improve our content, improve our experience, and do a good job of service. This will bring more valuable home entertainment experiences to millions of users.

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