LED ceiling lamp market: may wish to pay attention to their performance

At this stage, LED ceiling lamps deserve to be an important bargaining chip for LED lighting. With the increase in demand in the terminal market, the market development prospects of LED ceiling lamps are getting better. Of course, the prospects are good and the competition is cruel.

LED ceiling lamp into the national star photoelectric main push category

Assistant General Manager of Guoxing Optoelectronics, Xu Zhenfeng, General Manager of Lighting Division

At present, the sales growth of LED ceiling lamps is strong, the price drops significantly, and the overall product demand increases.

LED ceiling lamp sales accounted for 5.6% of the company's lighting products sales, an increase of 33.3% compared with last year, and the growth momentum is strong, which is one of the top three categories of the company's product growth. The reasonable price and the high-end product quality highlight the high cost performance of Guoxing Optoelectronic LED ceiling lamp, which makes the share of Guoxing Optoelectronic LED ceiling lamp market continue to increase. Considering various factors, LED ceiling lamps have become one of the main product categories promoted by Guoxing Optoelectronics.

The core competitiveness of Guoxing Optoelectronics lies in the packaging technology and production scale advantages of LED lamp beads , which have inherent advantages in improving product performance and quality. In the market, the sales growth of Guoxing Optoelectronic LED ceiling lamps was obvious, and formed a benign word-of-mouth spread. Sales, secondary purchases, friends introductions, etc. are more and more, the brand advantage is obvious. In addition, according to the changes in the LED ceiling lamp market, Guoxing Optoelectronics has increased the intensity of product research and development to produce more diversified LED ceiling lamps to meet the needs of consumers.

With the change of consumer concept, LED ceiling lamps are used in applications ranging from balconies and corridors to living rooms and master bedrooms. In the next five years, the appearance of LED ceiling lamps on the market will be more abundant, and the design style will be highly compatible with the living room and master bedroom environment. Due to the high cost performance of LED ceiling lamps, consumer spending habits are becoming more rational, and some lantern markets will be squeezed by LED ceiling lamps.

LED ceiling lamps will develop in the direction of intelligence and comfort

Yu Shuzhong, General Manager, Snowlight Lighting Division

At the beginning of 2013, the LED ceiling lamp market began to heat up, causing the attention of the majority of LED manufacturers. The overall chaos in the LED industry has also affected the development of LED ceiling lamps. The price gap is very different, the quality is uneven, and the product parameter identification is similar. However, this is not to say that LED ceiling lamps have not developed well and will not develop better. LED ceiling lamps are a necessity in the lives of ordinary people, and they are becoming an important embellishment for married couples in the 80s. Their market potential is very large and their development prospects are promising.

In 2013, Shelle's “Healthy LED Lighting” series launched five new LED ceiling lamps “Qianyue”, “Yulan”, “Tianhong”, “Ziwei” and “Ceramics”. In terms of product performance, the use of imported top-level chips ensures high luminous efficiency, no stroboscopic, soft color, and sufficient power. From the perspective of product styling, each has its own characteristics, some with a sense of science and technology, some with great atmosphere, and some Graceful and beautiful. Compared with other LED ceiling lamps on the market, it has obvious advantages - soft color is not glare, suitable for home lighting; beautiful in appearance and complete in specifications, it is the best choice for new home decoration!

Shell Wright pays great attention to the development space of LED ceiling lamps, and positions its future development direction as intelligent and comfortable. It is reported that Snow Wright will develop the third generation of healthy LED lighting products in 2014, among which LED ceiling lamps will be further upgraded, paying more attention to light color health and giving consumers a healthy and comfortable new lighting experience!

LED ceiling light "hot" in Auman

He Feng, Deputy General Manager of Zhongshan Auman Technology Lighting

Auman Technology Lighting is one of the major manufacturers of LED indoor lighting products. LED ceiling lamps rank among the “Top 10” in Auman's indoor lighting products, and their sales share is very large. Especially in foreign markets, the sales of LED ceiling lamps are obvious. The upward trend has increased by 30% year-on-year.

In the face of cruel market competition, Auman uses the pattern of competition in the whole industry chain to think about the positioning of LED ceiling lamps. The whole industry chain is from the upstream chip to the midstream package and downstream applications, as well as the supply chain of drive, heat dissipation, optics, etc., competing around the market share of the supply chain, and positioning the price from the root of the product. Reducing the price of LED ceiling lamps and then increasing sales will help achieve economies of scale, thereby increasing bargaining power for upstream chip makers, ultimately lowering costs and lowering prices, and maintaining existing profitability.

At the same time, Auman's light source has high brightness, soft light, low single power and low heat generation. It fully meets the requirements of LED panel ceiling light source and complete real light source. The Auman ceiling lamp's chassis is made of lightweight die-cast aluminum alloy, and the acrylic casing changes to thin, light, large and multi-geometric. At the same time, Auman has expanded the market share of LED ceiling lamps by planning the addition of thin ceilings, remote control dimming, remote color adjustment and remote control switch functions for LED ceiling lamps. The LED products produced by Auman will be expanded into the automotive, agricultural, medical and other industries, and become an affordable product that ordinary people love. In the next five years, LED ceiling lamps will develop in a more energy-saving and environmentally friendly direction.

The future market will be "the stronger the stronger, the weaker the weaker"

Guangdong Haohao Lighting Appliance Marketing Director Wu Jian

In recent years, as LED light sources have entered the field of general lighting, LED home lighting products are beginning to gradually replace traditional home lighting products. As the main category of LED home lighting products, LED ceiling lamps are energy-saving and durable, stylish in appearance, and versatile. They can be used in home and business, and the market prospects are promising. At present, the price of LED ceiling lamps in the market is gradually decreasing, and the average consumer at the terminal has already accepted it. This category has begun to increase rapidly.

As a representative of traditional home lighting, Haohao has already begun to lay out the LED lighting market a few years ago. This year, hundreds of LED ceiling lamps have been launched. The market has responded well and has become one of the main categories of Haohao LED home lighting. In addition to the market foundation and consumer reputation established by traditional ceiling lamps, the quality of the Haohao LED ceiling lamps is guaranteed, the price is reasonable, the styles are rich, and the brand awareness is also the main factor in the market.

At present, there are many brands of LED ceiling lamps on the market, and brand-name brands are competing on the same stage. The quality of products is uneven and the price is chaotic. We can notice that many domestic industries have similar situations in the primary development stage. I believe that LED ceiling lamps will be preliminarily popular in the next five years. The market will have the Matthew effect of “stronger and stronger, weaker”. Dealer resources and most consumers will concentrate on the dominant companies, thus gradually distinguishing the formation of the market first, second and third line brands. In this process, the traditional home lighting brand has certain advantages, but in the final analysis, the product is the basis of competition. It is necessary to improve the quality of the product and the cost performance while improving the fast shipping capacity and after-sales service efficiency. This is the future survival and competition of the enterprise. The way.

2014 is the bright A market development year

Sheng Binzi, deputy general manager of Guangdong Liangdi Lighting

Our company is now focusing on color lighting ceiling lamps. Most of the light sources used are LED lighting. In 2014, as the market for the bright A lighting market, we will introduce at least 175 new products to the market.

Our intelligent and colorful series of ceiling lamps are controlled by intelligent remote control, incorporating color lighting, and a variety of light effects on a single lamp to maximize the consumer's demand for color life, opening up a precedent for color lighting.

In the field of traditional lighting, Op is the leader of ceiling lamps, but entering the LED industry, I think this status may change, the future market will be a diversified market, there will be several big brands coexisting in LED ceiling lamps market. LED ceiling lamps have always been our ace products. The biggest advantage of Liang A is the development of plastic molds. We have more than 10 injection molding machines with thousands of tons. The research and development capabilities have always led the development of the industry, and in the industry of product quality. It is well-known in the world.

LED ceiling lamps are developing "well-spurting" this year.

Chen Wenji, Director of Foshan Lighting LED Division

In the past few years, LED ceiling lamps have been costly due to immature technology and difficult to solve the problem of lamp heating. The market price is generally nearly three times higher than that of traditional ceiling lamps, which is difficult for ordinary consumers to accept. The market for LED ceiling lamps affected by price has been limited. In the past two years, the structure of LED ceiling lamps has been improved, technology and light efficiency have been improved, and manufacturing costs have also dropped significantly. At present, a variety of LED ceiling lamps have begun to enter the price range of traditional ceiling lamps, and some even lower than the price of traditional ceiling lamps.

This year, Foshan Lighting's LED ceiling lamps have developed "spurt". Now, our LED ceiling lamps are more cost-effective and energy-efficient than traditional ceiling lamps. After the price has dropped to a certain range, sales have risen sharply. As one of the main products of Foshan Lighting, LED ceiling lamps have unique advantages in design schemes, material selection and cost control, and are equipped with excellent safety isolation schemes. At the same time, they use the mature market network of Foshan Lighting to quickly occupy the market.

In 2014, Foshan Lighting will continue to optimize the design of LED ceiling lamps and enrich the style. At the same time, the design style is more diversified, covering modern, simple European, ethnic, pastoral and other hot design elements to cater to the needs of consumers at all levels. In addition, Foshan Lighting will also use the specialty store as a display window to continuously achieve the sinking of the network, strengthen the construction of the sales network, and occupy a larger market share.

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