2013 Top Ten Selected Solutions for Automotive and Industrial Electronics

TIon.com, the most professional solution service platform in China's electronics industry, today announced the "2013 Top Ten Automotive Electronics Solutions" and "2013 Top Ten Industrial Electronics Solutions" at the 82nd China Electronics Fair. The release of these excellent solutions will help Chinese electronic engineers to expand their design ideas, improve their ability to apply new technologies in the field of automotive electronics, and help improve the level of original electronic design in China.

The 2013 Top Ten Selected Solutions for Automotive Electronics, the contributions from technology manufacturers, the sharing of electronic developers, and the recommendations of professional technical editors cover the hotspots in the automotive electronics field and represent the vane of the new energy electronics application market. Also released during the same period included ten selected solutions in the fields of industrial electronics, Internet of Things and new energy. During the Electronics Show, I Love Solution Network launched the 2013 Automotive Electronics and High-Efficiency Design Seminar, which combines advanced BMS solutions from Tsinghua University, BAL SEAL high-current sensors, Vishay's power device technology, and NXP and Melexis' most advanced sensor solutions. And Zetron and Eil complete solutions based on automotive electronics. Welcome to visit the Shanghai New International Expo Center W2-M9 on November 13 to participate in the on-site interaction and log in to the I-Affiliate Network and Electronic Component Technology Network to participate in the online interaction.

"I love solution network survey shows that the solution is the technical information that Chinese engineers are most eager to obtain. Innovative and high-quality solutions can accelerate the development process of electronic products and improve the design value of products." Liu Jie, CEO of I love solution network The doctor said, "I love the solution network with the purpose of" gathering popular solutions and sharing popular design ideas ". I hope that through such selected solution release activities, it will build bridges for engineers to obtain solution information, as well as technology suppliers and developers. It provides a platform for the display of innovative solutions, which is very meaningful for promoting the transformation of Chinese manufacturing to Chinese creation. "

"We have noticed that the activities of the series of ten selected schemes released by the I love scheme network, especially aimed at the advantageous industries in the Yangtze River Delta market such as industry and automobile. The focus on emerging markets and emerging applications is very consistent with the strategy of China Electronics Fair. "Said Chen Wenhai, Chairman of CLP Exhibition and Information Communication Co., Ltd. (the organizer of China Electronics Fair).

About CNT Networks

CNT Networks is a professional electronic technology media and e-commerce platform in China. Through Electronic Component Network () and Ion.com (TIon.com), China Electronics Fair, a series of energy-efficient design technical seminars, professional market exhibitions, print promotion E-commerce and other channels to promote the latest technical product information and practical technical solutions and supply chain management strategies. It provides comprehensive interaction and efficient communication opportunities between electronic technology suppliers and machine manufacturers. CNT Networks serves more than 500,000 professional audiences and covers the entire process of electronic system development. It is a design engineer for all aspects of the technical decision chain such as system planning, scheme design, component selection, circuit implementation, test production, and procurement management. R & D and procurement management and company management personnel provide targeted technical information and market intelligence.

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China Electronics Fair, China's most authoritative and comprehensive professional electronics show, is China's oldest, most comprehensive, most influential and largest professional electronics show. The strategic layout of South China-Midwest-East China, echoing the three seasons of spring, summer and autumn, together with high-level professional seminars, will help you fully expand the Chinese market and win more business opportunities.

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Professional market research company to help semiconductor and component suppliers and distributors to explore market demand, mainly for emerging market research and engineers' purchasing habits. The China Electronics Market Outlook Report is published annually.

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