2017 New Year homecoming must buy smart cool play: without compulsion and small mentality

There are still a few weeks to the Lunar New Year. Maybe many valued friends have no intention to learn or work. They begin to ponder the New Year's variety, for example, preparing a special gift for their families. If you don't have a score, I recommend several smart cool games for your family.

Moikit wheat smart sports cup

Large-capacity siphon cups, leak-proof outdoor travel portable water bottles, drinking water from multiple angles, can record drinking conditions through APP, set drinking reminders, develop good drinking habits. Don't always verbally say "drink plenty of water". It would be more practical to send a cup that reminds TA to drink water. I am looking forward to the effect of this is for my father, he is old smoking, drinking less, thinking about sending a cup to remind drinking water is not bad. Before the New Year's Day, the express delivery was sent directly to my hometown, so I borrowed it from the Jingdong map. Oh~

CPRIME NEO Balanced Energy Bracelet

C·PRIM, a popular wristband that can improve the body's function and balance the body's energy, can improve sleep quality, enhance endurance, and assist sports. Each star has wear. When my mom gave her her birthday, I also experienced it myself. The quality of pro-sleep quality really improved. I feel relieved even after work in the afternoon, but I don’t know whether it’s my own psychological effect.

The bracelet is made of wear-resistant silicone, which is comfortable and waterproof. Both ends are metal buckles, using metal wire drawing process, it looks significant. It was bought in 618 oceans at the time of promotion. The counter price was 680 or more.

Kagel BK50 infrared laser keyboard charging treasure

Keyboard, mobile power, Bluetooth speaker triple. Curved appearance, smooth texture.

As a mobile power supply, capacity 5200mAh, input DC-5V/2A, output DC-5V/2.1A (MAX).

To use the speaker and the keyboard, you need to turn on the Bluetooth of your phone and it is available on the connection. If you think that the phone typing is not convenient, you can use this keyboard to type. However, the phone's keyboard and computer keyboard are not matched, so it is not ideal to operate, although the recognition rate can be, will often operate mistakes, personal feeling is more appropriate than actual use. As a mobile power source, this price is not cheap. Just like the younger brother of university, he took it.

MIJIA LED Writing Light

Read table lamp intelligent desk lamp, beautiful design, use the mobile phone to control the mode under different use environments, adjust the brightness and color temperature. Buy for children to read and write. Occasionally, connection timeouts occur when using mobile control. But in general, it is a good thing. It's on the desktop and it has a great sense of design.

The price of Jingdong is relatively expensive, and the official price is still cheaper.

Sunflower boot stick phone open computer remote boot

A small stick, and a lighter size, the appearance of a matte material, but no power adapter, only the data line, I was drunk.

Both ends have a power interface and a network interface, and they find their own power adapter and network cable. After connecting the router and power supply, they can remotely turn on the computer through the sunflower remote control software APP and set the boot time.

The remote computer desktop can be remotely booted, and the operation is simple. It is suitable for people who have remote office, remote files, and remote maintenance computers. Can also teach parents to use the computer remotely, connect the USB camera to remotely monitor the home. This is my own use, you can also be installed in the parent or child's computer, remotely open the computer to teach them to use yo.

In addition, this stick can also bind mac address, open nas remotely. I bought it for $98 at a promotional event, which is half as cheap as the original price.

Well, there are so many other people who have sent Xiaomi phones to their families. I hope to be helpful to valued friends!

CAT6 Modular Plug

The Ideal RJ45 Cat6 Modular Plugs (25-Pack) support speeds associated with Category 6-cable. These plugs offer gold contacts and are suitable for solid or stranded 22 - 23 AWG conductors. Refer to the instructions sheet for terminating the plugs.

  • Designed for use with Cat6 universal twisted pair wire
  • 50-micron gold contacts
  • Suitable for solid or stranded 22 - 23 AWG conductors
  • 3-piece, 8-position/8-contact design provides easy installation and optimal performance
  • Crimps with a standard RJ-45 crimp die

CAT6 Modular Plug, modular cat 6, 8P8C STP Modular Plug, RJ45 Modular Plug

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