"Artificial intelligence" leads to unemployment and several people rejoice.

Artificial intelligence quickly diagnosed with complete failure Doctors experienced in the film "Super Marines" are familiar with the "big white" is nothing more than a fiction, developed by Japanese research institutions like life assistant robot Robear and the United States Anderson Cancer Center The "assistant doctor" robot Watson, but also artificial intelligence into the medical field "test water." Not long ago, in the case of the first AI (artificial intelligence) rescue patient reported in Japan, artificial intelligence defeated a group of experienced human doctors and correctly diagnosed a rare type of leukemia in a female patient. What's more, the "doctor" took only 10 minutes to match the patient's genetic information and 20 million clinical oncology studies, and then completed the definitive diagnosis of life. In today's era, almost all industries are advocating artificial intelligence, including the artificial intelligence of the medical industry - data-driven medicine. This science begins with the Human Genome Project and hopes to identify all the genes of the human body and collect maps by collecting DNA from people around the world. People design advanced algorithms to allow them to learn and improve in the constant exploration cycle. It takes only a few minutes to help us filter out answers from hundreds of millions of records. Most of the artificial intelligence technologies used in the medical field focus on back-end data analysis, such as the "IBM Watson" big data analysis program. In general, medical historical data is usually better labeled, and breakthrough in image recognition technology can be used to see various medical films. However, as we all know, every program has the risk of procedural errors (commonly known as "bugs"). Especially in the medical field, the consequences of program failures can vary. On the other hand, the cyber attacks and the desire to read the text lead to the misunderstanding of the risks of directives, and also allow experienced doctors to gain a foothold in the medical field. Regarding artificial intelligence, medical institutions have two views on this: "good assistants" and "flashy toys." Yes, using a device synchronized with a smartphone, you can monitor heart rate, daily distance, calories burned, etc. in real time. It feels like you are carrying a personal doctor. However, at the moment of real life and death, no one wants to give life to the robot to save. Because medicine is the most people-oriented career, the hospital can never only let an AI be responsible for determining the patient's life and death, such as whether to close the life support system. . "Invisible AI Technology" Within three to five years of being popularized with driverless cars and drones delivering parcels, in your mind, is artificial intelligence just "used by technology elites" or "solving billions of dollars only? Big problem with high technology? Huang Han, a professor of software engineering and a doctoral advisor at South China University of Technology, told reporters that artificial intelligence technology is not far away from our lives, such as the “intelligent monitoring of online video pornography” used by the Internet that we are most familiar with. At present, online video streaming has become a trend. How to standardize this operation requires a lot of manpower and material resources to monitor video in real time. The supervisory department can deploy erotic information intelligent detection software in the IDC room through which video traffic passes, and promptly handle alarms when illegal information appears. "AI technology" can help standardize the dissemination of online video and really help the regulatory authorities. Today's rapid development of science and technology, artificial intelligence in the actual life of "automatic, personalized, big data," the development trend in the 35 years, some of the emerging artificial intelligence technology will gradually mature, widely used in our lives and universal. For example, face recognition technology will be applied from the current access control to future life's face consumption, examination room authentication and so on. The intelligent question answering system will also be widely used for medical consultation, business management, consulting and personalization. In addition, Prof. Huang Han also mentioned that in the near future, TV set-top boxes can be used to collect people’s ratings and online behaviors. “Cable TV Precision Recommendation Technology” can also analyze the user’s personalized preferences and habits, and conduct accurate advertisements. Delivery and product recommendations. “Electronic products will serve as a bridge between the physical world of reality and the information world. The use data of smart homes will be stored and linked to the information world through the Internet. People can remotely control the work of home appliances through the mobile network of mobile phones. Can be used with people's habits to form an optimal use of the effect." Professor Huang Han said, "On the other hand, in the work mode, mechanical work, simple logic and other work will gradually be replaced by robots or computer programs, more people It is the work of non-structural thinking." Which careers will be impacted by AI in the future? At the beginning of 2016, automated news writing robots were still a “new thing.” Until today, the Associated Press, the Washington Post, and the Xinhua News Agency have all started to allow robots to write news, regardless of source capture, video, and text conversion. As well as intelligent distribution, artificial intelligence has many advantages. Jerry Kaplan once had a prediction in the book “The Age of Artificial Intelligence” that a large number of blue collars would be replaced by robots and become unemployed, while a large number of white collars would be replaced by another invisible robot and become unemployed. In this regard, Professor Huang Han said that whether it is a robot or a computer program, the current "AI technology" requires clear logic as the basis for operation. When it comes to the impact on the job market, artificial intelligence has a greater impact on the industry with large labor costs and a clear "smart" logic. He said that in the future, some people will fall into the "employment" crisis because of artificial intelligence. In addition, there are the following occupations that may be occupied by AI: Business travel offerers: monthly salary of 1-20000, quoters need to read the quotes of a number of airlines, passenger companies, spend hours or even days to specify the most customers Excellent business travel plans. "AI technology" allows computers to quickly read and analyze a large number of quotations, the second best travel plan. "AI technology" is faster, more accurate, and less "tired" than humans. Filter parameter debugger: monthly salary of 1-20000, the moderator observes the data of the filter vector network and adjusts the parameters mechanically to obtain the result that meets the signal curve requirements. "AI technology" allows computers to quickly read vector network data, intelligently search for the best combination of parameters, and complete debugger hours or hours of work in seconds. Data Statistics Analyst: A monthly salary of 20,000 to 30,000, and the use of statistical methods and statistical software is a skill that many researchers are proud of; however, when we implement statistical analysis using computer Web services, many will not Analytical users can easily and conveniently obtain the results of statistical analysis through this “AI service”. Users do not need to spend money to hire professionals to do statistical analysis, and even the cost of purchasing statistical software can be saved. Software tester: monthly salary of 1.5 ~ 20,000, the computer program can automatically generate a large number of software test cases, and automatically report the results of software test feedback. This work efficiency is much higher than the current manual test, "AI software testing technology" will allow more and more software testers laid off. Ringing bells still needs bells to peacefully coexist at the end of last year. At the end of last year, the famous American artificial intelligence expert, serial entrepreneur, and Stanford University professor Jerry Kaplan presented an article entitled “Artificial Intelligence” at a media summit forum in Beijing. In the keynote speech of the media industry: Impacts and the Future, it was reported that "IBM Watson can help medical staff diagnose patient conditions." Kaplan said, "Watson can't replace a doctor." Its automation just makes it easier to carry out some medical tasks. . Kaplan said that now we see that there are many new technologies emerging. In fact, you will face many other issues, so artificial intelligence is not the biggest challenge, nor is it the only challenge. In the era of “every human being in danger” under the rapid development of artificial intelligence, it cannot be denied that there are indeed “bubbles” in the reports that partially exaggerate the advantages of artificial intelligence. For example, Professor Huang Han, the deep blue computer of chess in 1997, the AlphaGo artificial intelligence program of Go in 2016, was exaggerated by some people as having the human chess thinking, even the machine that surpassed human intelligence. In fact, they are essentially game search programs. AlphaGo's progress toward dark blue is not because the machine has a higher IQ, but more because the device's computing power has greatly improved.
Like many smart wearable devices, some advertisements exaggerate their effects on the human body. Essentially, these wearable electronic devices rely on sensors to obtain human heartbeat, cadence, and blood pressure data. These data will form valuable information for human health, and they have yet to be demonstrated by relevant professionals. "Artificial intelligence comes from the logic of human beings, and its drawbacks stem from its roots, or from its developers' design flaws or implementation mistakes." Artificial intelligence seems to have a bright future, and in the face of such a future, it seems that each of us is Some anxiety. Prof. Huang Han told reporters that there is no need for anxiety and that the bell must be tied. "Artificial intelligence is only a part of modern human life, and it is more of an assistive technology. Work efficiency can be improved by artificial intelligence, and the quality of work depends on people. Artificial intelligence products require industry technical standards and safety implementation standards to regulate Its role is to avoid unnecessary damage to such products."

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