The manual is really tasteless? Don't like to see it because it is too lazy

1Many specifications are varied back to the top

[PConline Talk] Almost every packing list in our daily life will be included in the manual, and the manual can help us to fully understand the important function of product function and design. The instructions have different meanings for different products. For example, mobile phone products, I believe that young people nowadays rarely read the instructions when they buy a new one. For many types of home appliances, the meaning of the manual is likely to be greatly different, and the functions of different products will be completely different. Sometimes buying a new home appliance, if you do not study the manual carefully, it will be at a loss. In real life, the users who will take the initiative to look at the appliance manual may not really be much. It may be that the manual does not really make people look at the desire? Or is everyone too lazy to read the instructions?

Not every specification is easy to understand

There are a variety of products for household appliances, which directly leads to the appearance of various specifications. According to different products, manufacturers will make corresponding instructions. However, the specifications of the manual are many and the quality is also uneven. Different specifications have different readability and legibility.

Illustrations are easy to understand

The graphic descriptions should be a kind of manual that more people are willing to see. These manuals will not have dense text, nor will they have only people's masked pictures. The combination of graphic and text will make it easier for you to understand the product. The design and function. It's even easier to use nature.

For example, the handbook of a certain coffee machine in Xiao Bian's hand made it possible to create excellent pictures and texts. From coffee making, maintenance procedures to cleaning, etc., they were introduced with detailed graphics and texts.

All in all, the illustrated manual should be regarded as a manual for young and old. When you need to understand some of the functions of the machine, you shouldn't be too big when you encounter this manual.

Plain text instructions, watching tired

This kind of manual can be said to be a type that you don't want to look at when you flip it. If you don't understand the product, you need to deeply study the instructions that are full of words. This feeling should be quite depressing. It feels like reading comprehension in a language. At the same time, it is consistent with the description in the manual.

Although the specification of plain text is more than a lot of people, but once you read this manual to understand how to use the machine, then the "hard" learning process will allow you to know more about the product (manual funny face).

Very thick instructions, people do not have the power to turn over

When you open a product that you are not familiar with, and you come up with a secret-size manual, it is estimated that you do not have to turn over the manual, and you have no incentive to look at it again.

For example, Xiao Bian's hands had more than 100 pages of these manuals. The content was very large. It was estimated that most people believe that they understand their talents and try to find out how to use the machines. Instructions.

A variety of foreign language manuals, global products

Some of the instructions may look thick, but what really works for you is just part of it, because there should and only that part of you that you can read. This type of manual is a collection of multi-language manuals, generally this product is sold to multiple countries, so the manufacturer may be in order to facilitate the production of a unified, simply multi-language instructions are printed together.

The easy-to-understand level of such instructions should be judged based on the actual situation. It may give users the feeling that they are buying an internationalized product. After all, the instructions are internationalized.

All foreign language instructions, you bought authentic imported goods?

If you get the product manual, which is a full English manual, then you are likely to buy a full import, and the manual does not even have finished products. When encountering such a specification, it should be somewhat unclear.

Xiao Bian's hand really has such a manual. The product is a fully imported food machine, but it is estimated that the product is directly imported, the packaging is unchanged, and it is sold on the basis of domestic processes. Therefore, this manual is In English, to get such an instruction, Xiao Bian really lamented: You see it.

Summary: The manual is good or bad, in fact, a certain degree can also be seen by the degree of intentions of manufacturers, for some functionally complex products, if there is a user-friendly manual, the user estimates will greatly increase the product, the brand will have a good impression . Which manual do you think is the best?

2 The more complex the product, the more you need to read the manual back to the top

Different products, users see the instructions are different

Different products, different functions, each person's understanding of the product is also different, many people will be based on their own perception of the product to determine their need to see the instructions.

Flat-panel TVs: In general flat-screen TVs, people often only have to turn on and off, and there are no other complicated operations. Therefore, most users who purchase new TVs in life will not read the instructions carefully, or even completely. Do not read the instructions.

Ordinary rice cooker: Ordinary rice cooker, the operation is very simple, the body is a button that automatically pops up when the cooking is completed, the function is not much, the content of the manual is also very few, this type of simple product manual is generally nothing People are willing to take a closer look.

Refrigerator: For refrigerator products, if it is an ordinary entry-level refrigerator, only the refrigerating room and the freezer room, basically do not need to read the instructions to know how to use. For some refrigerators, especially refrigerators with variable greenhouses, some drawers are more suitable for storing meat, some drawers are more suitable for storing fruits and vegetables, and some internal racks are dismantled. These need to be carefully examined in the manual. know. Again, the more functional and more complex the design, the stronger the sense of presence.

Washing machine: Now more and more washing machine features, such as automatic placement, drying and other functions can be integrated in a washing machine, more features, washing machine instructions naturally become necessary, such as with automatic placement function The design of the washing machine and feeding box is generally two storage areas for automatic detergent injection. One is suitable for pouring liquid detergent and the other is suitable for softener. In many cases, the feeding box will only indicate some icons. In the illustrated case, you will need to read the manual to understand exactly how to use it.

Air conditioning: The operation of air conditioning is also simple and does not require too many complicated operations. Most people only need to perform simple operations on the air conditioner through the remote control. The person who will carefully look at the air conditioning manual should also be less.

These are several common household appliances in our lives. For these products, are you going to take the initiative to peruse the instructions?

3 Are you used to looking at the appliance manual? Back to top

Are you accustomed to looking at the appliance manual?

Young people are accustomed to try out products first, and they really don’t understand instructions.

For young users, buying a new home appliance is likely to be used to try the product first, instead of reading the manual first. It is really a function of encountering fans. Going through the instructions in a targeted manner will obviously save you time.

For elders, juniors should play the role of “manual”

For the elders in the family, adding new home appliances at home often requires juniors to give pointers to the use of electrical appliances. In particular, the family's grandparents need more guidance for their use of appliances that are slightly more complex.

Habit to look at the instructions first, it is definitely beneficial

Some of the notices marked in the manual are actually more important information, such as the conditions of use of the electrical appliances, the use of the environment, etc. The most common hair dryer will definitely be marked with words that cannot be used for electricity in the bathroom to prevent electric shock; refrigerators, There are also many safety issues in the instructions of the washing machine. For example, it is necessary to connect a three-core power socket with a ground wire and do not allow children to enter the box to play.

The instruction manual of the electrical appliance will make the safety and warning prompts very detailed. This is beneficial to both the manufacturer and the consumer. Once an accident occurs, the consumer may even have to bear the consequences of the wrong use by the consumer himself. The greatest responsibility.

Summary of the full text: Although many people do not like to read the instructions, buy back home appliances, basically rely on their own pondering how to use, it is really do not understand will go to read the instructions, study how to use correctly, but from the use of product safety and reasonable From the point of view of use, it is necessary to look at the specification first. What do you think?

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