Flip chip structure packaging process and application market analysis

Dear friends, everyone. I am Terrence, I am very happy to have the opportunity to communicate and learn with you here. I share with you the knowledge about flip chip packaging products that many people in the LED industry are interested in. The first time I use this way to communicate, there are places that are not good enough, and I hope everyone will bear with me.

This article will explain in four aspects:


Definition and characteristics of flip chip structure package

First, let's understand what is a flip chip package.


â–³ I also asked the excessive mother, the search for the answer is basically focused on the first point, using a flip chip. I personally think that flip chip is a chip factory, not the core of the packaging process, so I added the second point.

By summarizing these two points, it is clear that the difference between the flip chip structure package and the conventional package process.


Before we talk about the characteristics of flip chip packaging, we still have a brief understanding of flip chip.


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The dynamic test technology it used has passed the Type 4 functional safety assessment by TUV, and get the national invention patent. The product reaches the advanced technological level of similar products.
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