The value of small size smart TV: 43-inch millet TV 3S

At present, the design of small-size smart TVs is not important for the appearance design, but the millet TV 3S 43′′ launched by Xiaomi recently is an exception, which can be regarded as the value of a small-size smart TV. Millet TV 3S 43 吋 appearance design with metal, ultra-thin and other features, in no way inferior to large-size high-end products.

Millet TV 3S 43 inches

Millet TV 3S 43 inches, unique in industrial design, using all-metal fuselage, aluminum frame thin to 10.9mm, 24.8% thinner than the previous generation 40 inches, 6% lighter, only 9.32Kg, bending rate of less than 1000 One-fifth, taking into account the slimness and tenacity.

Millet TV 3S 43 inches

Hardware performance, the TV uses the original LG / AU Optronics LCD screen, has a wide viewing angle of 178 °, built-MStar 6A908 flagship FHD TV chip. Equipped with Cortex-A9 quad-core 1.45GHz CPU, 4+2 core Mali-450 MP4 GPU, 1GB DDR3 triple channel memory, 1080P 60fps H.265 10bit hard decoding, Dolby and dts audio dual decoding support.

In terms of content, Xiaomi TV content has been ahead of the competition in the video market through the 1 billion US dollars. Held the contents of the two major integrated broadcast control cameras and the four content licensees of the CCTV and the future TV, including various Hollywood movies, TV dramas, popular variety shows, sports events, star concerts and other quality resources. .

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