There are many new brands of Internet TV that you don’t understand

The circle of friends can create a popular network red, then the television circle can also create a "machine" network red. Needless to say, more cool shape design, richer content resources and even more explosive, explicit low-cost policies to attract small basin friends. In the face of all kinds of products, or very exaggerated slogans, then what are the characteristics of these new brands of television? Let's take a look.

· Storm Super TV 55B

Storm Super TV 55B

Appearance: metal body, rose gold color highlights the fashion atmosphere, while the use of integrated design speaker system placed on the bottom of the TV body, the overall appearance and generous. The embedded cradle embodies the minimalism and fashion concept pursued by Storm TV 55B.

Hardware: Amlogic Jing Chen T866 processor is an A9 processor, but its performance is still strong. At the same time, with the help of the strongest Mali-450 MP8 eight-core graphics processor in four TVs, the gap between PPTV 55T and the PPTV 55T has been reduced to less than 10%.

Content Updates/Resources: Rich content resources provided by iQIYI, STORM, etc., bring together all the popular movies and videos on the entire network, and over 95% of movie theaters are fully covered. TV drama rich in resources is gratifying!
Intelligent interaction: simple and convenient operation, the page is relatively clean, while the main functions of the TV can basically be realized through the main interface. The special button Biu button of the remote control can let the user customize the settings to facilitate remote control.

Image quality performance: The sharpness performance is good, the overall effect of the screen effect is warmer, the color is more colorful than other TVs, and the contrast performance is good, and the overall image quality is excellent.
Recommended crowd: like fashion color, minimalist design; like more intense, bright color performance; pursuit of cool smart experience, because we can upgrade the TV card.

· Popular TV 55

Popular TV 55

Appearance: popular television 55-inch whole body injection molding champagne gold color + ivory white back, the main ultra-thin, minimalist concept, while the triangular bracket base is closer to the current mainstream television product design style. In general, compared to other TVs, the body material and workmanship details may be slightly inferior.

Hardware: Using the Mstar Morningstar 6A638 processor as a dual-core 64-bit processor with the A53 architecture, the basic performance is sufficient. However, in today's omni-directional competition of Internet smart TVs, there is a clear gap in performance compared to other TVs.

Content Updates/Resources: Popular TV provides content resources from BesTV and A weekly update of 6 new movies, 10 Hollywood movies, and 15 movie movies are also available. The content resources are equally rich. TV drama resources are slightly thin.

Intelligent interaction: simple interactive interface and control methods make it easy for everyone to get started. At the same time, we can use the special buttons on the remote control to achieve a one-button optimization of the TV itself, and voice control is also more convenient for users to search for resources.

Quality performance: The overall sharpness performance is not very different from that of other brand TVs, but you can see that the contrast in color and contrast is slightly worse. However, if you do not compare them, the visual display effect is still good. At the same time this popular TV 55 only supports H.265 format 4K video decoding, while the body does not have USB3.0 interface.

Recommended crowd: focus on cost performance, there is a general demand for audio and video viewing, or that want to send parents, as a bedroom TV, etc., while the popular TV also has the full Premier League play rights, for friends who like football is a good choice.



Appearance: The "theater" TV design, geometric metal base with a wedge-shaped body texture is full, users can also buy the corresponding speaker equipment to put into the base part, enhance the sound system of the TV, in general this should be the most The "weight" design.

Hardware: Mstar Morningstar 6A928 is a processor commonly used in high-end smart TVs, making its hardware performance has a greater advantage in the four TVs and is even better in 4K video decoding capabilities.

Content Updates/Resources: PPTV is a major crocodile in the domestic Internet video industry, and the richness of film and television resources is unquestionable. Provide users with more than 90% of theater content, 90% mainland drama, 90% of British and American drama. PPTV Sports has won the 5th full-year network-wide broadcasting rights of La Liga 2015-2020!

Intelligent interaction: no blocking interface switching allows users to miss the exciting story at any time. At the same time, the rapid and smooth interface switching effect allows users to experience a "speed and passion", we can also pass the La Liga area, shopping area, etc. Experience more features on PPTV 55T TV.

Quality performance: Sharpness performance is good, color and contrast aspects can be said to be quite outstanding, because we can see through the quality evaluation part of the PPTV TV in the expression of human skin color, the actual effect of the contrast performance of light and dark fields.

Recommended crowd: like the appearance of a more stable style, texture, and at the same time through the relevant equipment to enhance the smart TV's audio and video experience; hardware performance ability, like to experience the "fast" operation of the users; with a number of sports events broadcast Right, suitable for sports-loving friends.

· Micro whale WTV55K1

Little Whale WTV55K1

Appearance: The microwhale TV design is also based on a minimalist design concept. We can see from the ultra-thin body and the ultra-narrow frame. At the same time, compared to other TVs, the “wonder” system color, the micro-whale TV in the whole Design and color matching options are more rigorous, while the border cut corner color is more stylish, calm and vitality.

Hardware: The Mstar Morningstar 6A828 processor used by the micro-whales gave us a surprise in performance. We thought that the A53 architecture and the A17 architecture of the 6A928 should have a clear performance gap. The result shows a negligible difference, indicating that the micro-whales influence memory chips and other running points. The parts were poured with a lot of sincerity.

Content Updates/Resources: Microwhale TV has in-depth cooperation with Tencent Video on content resources. In 2015, all the cinemas in the theaters, and more than 90% of the hit TV dramas and strong performances, were equally weak.
Intelligent interaction: more functions can be achieved through the UI interface, and the division of the plates is also more comprehensive. For example, movies, TV dramas, etc. are all classified into movie and television categories, and more positions are liberated and given to other recommended contents. The operation is convenient and easy to learn. We can also quickly find video resources, etc. through voice functions.

Image quality performance: The sharpness performance is good, the picture color is close to the true color, and the contrast performance effect should be the best among these TVs. The color of the bright and dark scene is more natural and soft.
Recommended crowd: like the minimalist design style, while there is a certain body texture requirements; video update speed, on-line time is indeed faster, for friends like chase drama is a good choice; more comprehensive and convenient UI control methods, Take you to experience a different kind of smart control experience.

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