Great increase in sales on refrigerators

Great increase in sales on refrigerators Refrigerator sales are divided by three home appliance suppliers <br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br> Data from YiZhan think tanks The sales share of the three platforms together accounted for 92.5% of the monitoring market. Among them, Jingdong Mall’s home appliance sales cannot be underestimated. From the perspective of sales share, Jingdong Mall’s sales share is 61.7%, which is the first position.

From the brand point of view, in June the top three e-commerce platform sales market share brand ranking is: Omar 18.5%, Konka 11.4%, Haier 10.6%, from the single product sales ranking, the top three were Omar BC-92 Refrigerator, accounting for 5.4%, Omar BCD-118A5 refrigerator, accounting for 3.3%, Royal Park BCD-118Z refrigerator, accounting for 2.8%.

First half of the refrigerator market a slight increase over last year <br> <br> relative to the first half of 2012, the first half of the year to go pick up the refrigerator market trends, the PRC, the latest data show: first half of 2013 a total volume of retail sales refrigerator market Growth of 14.2%, cumulative retail sales growth of 23.7%, which benefited from energy-saving subsidies policy and the real estate market to pick up, but with the end of energy-saving subsidies policy, the second half of the refrigerator market has turned cold trend, the annual retail sales fell slightly .

Looking at the specific category market, the market share of double-door refrigerators has fallen by a large margin, down by 4.6 percentage points year-on-year. The retail volume of three-door refrigerators has continued to increase. The retail sales share accounted for 34.6%, a cumulative increase of 2.1% over the same period of last year. It is believed that the market share of the three refrigerators will increase, and the company will also focus its R&D efforts on three refrigerators.

Energy subsidies to promote changes in product mix <br> <br> driven by energy subsidies, the refrigerator market has been greatly change the product mix, energy-saving products in the market share has increased, the data show that the first half of a share of the energy efficiency of refrigerators The market share increased by 10.1% compared to the same period of last year to 87.1%. The market share of secondary energy efficiency refrigerators decreased cumulatively, which was a cumulative decrease of 10.8% from the same period of last year and accounted for a market share of 9.7%.

According to the data from Ovid Consulting, in the third week of July (07.15-07.21), in the proportion of products that were included in the energy-saving market, the refrigerator's short-listed product share accounted for 56.8%, which was a slight increase of 0.4% from the previous month. The average energy-saving price of the refrigerator market was also It rose, and the average market price was 2,987 yuan, up 10.1% from the previous quarter. According to industry insiders, as the trend of energy-saving and emission-reduction continues to deepen, the days of the first-tier energy-efficient refrigerators in the market will be just around the corner.

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