Common sense of air conditioning: filter cleaning points when changing seasons

Air conditioning special air filter use points:

1. The air filter in the indoor unit of the air conditioner is generally used for 6 months under normal use environment.

2, if the air conditioner is used infrequently, the use environment is better, the air cleanliness is high, as long as the surface of the air filter does not have serious discoloration (grey brown), the air filter can be taken out and exposed to the sun for more than 2 hours. After the surface dust is cleaned with a brush, it can be reused (cannot be washed with water).

How to clean the air conditioning filter?

Clean the filter to prevent dust accumulation from affecting the next use. If the filter has too much dirt, it can be washed with water or neutral detergent, but it should not be washed with hot water above 50 °C or strong alkali such as washing powder, gasoline, banana water or acidic liquid to avoid deformation.

When cleaning the panel , be careful not to use too much force. If the dirt is heavy, you can use a neutral detergent diluted with water. Unscrew the water from the cloth first, then wipe it. After cleaning, wipe the detergent on the cabinet thoroughly.

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