Intel 7 Series Notebook Chipset Makes "Seven Fairies"

Intel 7 Series Notebook Chipset Makes "Seven Fairies" According to the VR-Zone report: "The trend has been set," Intel recently added another new member "HM70" to the new series of 7-series notebooks, bringing the total number of models to 7 models, plus 6 desktop models. There are as many as 13 in total.

The HM70 seems to have been specifically introduced at the invitation of OEMs. The specification can be said to be a fusion of HM75 and UM77. It only provides four PCI-E 2.0 channels, with 2/6 USB 3.0/2.0 interfaces and 1/3 SATA 6/3Gbps interfaces respectively.

Technical support, retains a variety of digital video output, integrated graphics core support, WiDi 3.0 wireless display, AHCI, RST fast storage, ACPI S1 power state, but no PCI bus (in fact no), SRT smart response and RAID 0/ 1/5/10, Anti-Theft anti-theft, ATM 8.0 active management, SBA small business advantage.

The HM70 should be a chipset for low-end and entry-level notebooks and mobile devices. It has a lower specification but is also fully acceptable. In particular, USB 3.0 and SATA 6Gbps are still supported.

The price is not yet clear, but it is estimated that it should be lower than HM75, which is less than $40.

7 series of other consumer-grade chip sets Price: HM77 48 US dollars, HM76 43 US dollars, HM75 40 US dollars, UM77 48 US dollars,; Z77 48 US dollars, H77 43 US dollars, Z75 40 US dollars, B75 37 US dollars.

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