OSRAM launches new LED products for projection applications with doubled brightness

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has added new members to the LED portfolio for projection applications. The new OSRAM OSTAR Compact 2x2 is the brightest LED in its class, with each color doubling its brightness and achieving a near-recorded green light value, complementing the existing Compact version. . Ideal for high power projectors in the commercial and residential sectors.

The product requires only one set of red, phosphor-converted green and blue LEDs, and the projector's luminous flux can reach 400 lm. The new version of the LED is designed for 0.4 to 0.55 inch imaging diagonals, and multiple sets of combinations create a larger imaging diagonal to meet the high projection brightness levels required in office applications.

This compact LED offers the best size and light output ratio. It measures 5.8 x 4.6 mm and outputs 85 lm per square millimeter (measured in green pulse mode at 6 A). The brightest LED in the same package level on the market. It consists of two 2 mm2 chips with twice the light output of a standard single-chip Compact LED.

The new LEDs are available in three packages: red, phosphor-converted green and blue. Taking phosphor-converted green light as an example, the typical luminous flux of 2400 lm in pulse mode at an operating current of 6 A is a significant increase in light output due to the use of the most advanced ThinGaN. Technology integrated blue chip and green phosphor conversion. Since the proportion of green light required to produce white light is higher than the ratio of blue light or red light, the increase in brightness of the LED has a significant impact on the overall system brightness of the projector.

OSRAM Optoelectronics states that each chip in the product can be individually controlled to design drivers individually for high voltage, low current or low voltage, high current. With high-voltage LED drivers, the new LEDs not only provide higher system brightness, but also increase system efficiency.


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