Power League actively refused to merge with Ronda in the LED transformation

AUO Group's Power League is actively moving towards LED. It has borrowed from Lunda. Ronda's deputy general Huang Denghui has been the general manager of Power League since the 15th. It is speculated that this is a prelude to the merger of the two companies. However, both Ronda and Power League have indicated that there is currently no merger plan.

A power alliance spokesperson said that Power League accelerated the transformation of LED development, so it is necessary to borrow resources from Ronda. He stressed that Power League has no plans to merge with Ronda. Powerlink LED lighting is brand-based, and Lunda is positioned differently from OEMs and ODMs of international brand customers, but both parties will integrate upstream and downstream LED backlights and LED lighting to reduce costs.

Power League's LED products revenue in the fourth quarter of last year was about 1.333 billion Taiwan dollars, the proportion of revenue has increased to 63%, the proportion of CCFL revenue in the past main products fell to 17%, this year will account for energy-saving lighting products revenue High will help improve product structure and gross margin performance.


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