Gathering LED tube and LED bulb series products have obtained UL certification in the US

Recently, Shenzhen Juzuo Industrial Co., Ltd., which has just returned from the Japan Lighting Exhibition, once again sent a good news: the six LED lamp series independently developed by Gathering Lighting have officially passed the world's leading product testing and certification organization - US UL certification. The certificate numbers are: OOLV.E339946, OOLV2.E339946, OOLV7.E339946, OOLV8.E339946, IEUQ.E351003, IEUQ7.E351003. According to the certification information published on the official website of UL, including the LED light bulb series products that have previously obtained the UL certificate, the LED indoor lighting series products have taken the lead in the LED industry to pass the US UL certification, which indicates that the LED series products are concentrated. While deep-rooted and renowned in the Japanese market for many years, it has been tested and recognized by international markets and authorities.

The collective lighting LED series products passed the UL certification in the United States, which has important strategic significance for the successful integration of LED series products into the North American market. It is another comprehensive display of its technical strength and product quality in the international industry, effectively enhancing the collective work. The popularity and reputation of the product is another solid step towards the internationalization of lighting.

It is reported that UL certification is the most authoritative and generally accepted market access condition in North America, representing a very high level of global safety certification. At present, enterprises that have obtained UL certification in the domestic LED lighting industry are rare. It is due to the high certification and maintenance costs and strict certification requirements for applying for UL certification. UL certification is subject to rigorous testing and auditing of products by the most authoritative institutions in the United States and scientific testing of the entire production process of product manufacturers. Only those enterprises that have to meet the official certification requirements can successfully obtain certification.


SHENZHEN COLLECTION ENTERPRISES CO LTD, published on the UL official website of the United States

For many years, Juzuo Lighting has always insisted on positioning LED products in the high and mid-end markets. Through nearly nine years of LED lighting application product development experience and industrialization accumulation, it is one of the few LED lighting series that can be exported to the Japanese market in large quantities. Chinese companies of products. Previously, the United States UL conducted a rigorous testing and evaluation of the products and production workshops in accordance with international procedures. The LED lamps and bulbs, production equipment and workshops were fully up to standard and received high evaluation.

The large-scale production base of lighting is controlled by equipment, instrument calibration, material procurement and production, and strictly in accordance with standardization. The centralized LED series products have passed the UL certification of the United States, which has improved the technical content of the concentrated lighting products. It also promoted the company's brand strategy; it is not only affirmation of the production of products, but also a strong driving force for the expansion of the global market for lighting. Juzuo Lighting has always cultivated the domestic and international markets with professional and high-quality LED lighting products, adhered to the technology-leading development strategy, and committed to building the world's leading LED lighting companies.

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