How to choose the real LED eye protection table lamp

In today's society, the pace is accelerating. The children are faced with heavy academic pressure, and parents want their children to learn and their vision is declining. How to protect the child's vision has become the heart disease of parents and friends. Predicting the reasons for myopia prevention in myopia prevention, according to the investigation and analysis of many experts, the cause of 50% of myopia in children is caused by the light of the child during the study, so choose a table lamp that protects the eyesight. It is the main factor, and it can face a variety of eye-protection lights and dazzling business propaganda. Parents must not only ask: what brand of eye protection is good, how to choose eye protection lamp? Now we can answer the parents, Weikang LED eye protection table lamp is the best eye protection table lamp, Weikang LED eye protection table lamp adopts 6 major innovation technologies, truly achieves no glare, no stroboscopic, no radiation, no ghosting, High color rendering, energy saving and environmental protection are the best products to protect children's vision.

Let's analyze the parents and friends, how to choose the eye protection table lamp?

First, "no stroboscopic" is the minimum condition for eye protection. Fluorescent eye-protection lamps sold in the market generally have stroboscopic phenomena, but everyone does not feel it.

Second, please buy a table lamp with yellowish white light, do not buy a table lamp with a blue and white light. According to scientific verification, blue and white light has certain damage to the human eye, while light yellow and white light is suitable for reading and writing lighting.

Third, color rendering is an important requirement for eye protection desk lamps. If the color of the light is poor, it is difficult to restore the original color. The easiest way to check the color rendering is to check the color of the lamp with the blood red of the palm. Under the light, the blood red color of the palm is bright. If there is no blood color, the color rendering is not good. Color pictures can also be used for comparison.

Fourth, in general, the power of the eye protection desk lamp can be between 9W and 18W. The lighting power should also be compatible with the light and dark conditions of the surrounding environment, and the lighting and ambient brightness should not be too different. In places where the ambient brightness is low,

How to choose eye protection table lamp? Do you know now? For the healthy growth of children, we need more care and care for our children! Start with us! Please take a look at the products recommended by experts.

Let's take a look at the characteristics of LED eye protection table lamps launched by Ou Saimei.

Weikang LED eye protection table lamp features:
1. Eye care: Powered by LED light source and DC constant current source, it realizes true stroboscopic, no electromagnetic radiation, no heat radiation, and adopts the imported side light guide plate technology to convert the point light source of LED into uniform output. Surface light source for glare-free. Really protects vision, brain and eyesight. ;

2.Environmental protection and energy saving: no stroboscopic, no electromagnetic radiation, no heat radiation, no pollution to the lighting environment; LED lighting is more energy efficient than traditional light sources, saving 80% energy compared to incandescent bulbs, 60% lower than fluorescent lamps, than halogen bulbs It saves 75% of electricity, saves 80% of energy compared to mercury bulbs, and saves 65% of electricity by high-pressure nano bulbs.

3. LED life time is more than 50,000 hours, compared with other bulbs, 1,000 hours for incandescent bulbs, 2,000 hours for halogen bulbs, 2,000 hours for fluorescent lamps, 6,000 hours for energy-saving bulbs, mercury The light is 8,000 hours and the high pressure nano bulb is 1,2000 hours.
4. Safety: low-voltage DC power supply, no danger when used;
5. Full metal appearance, stylish high-end simplicity, widely used in home bedroom, living room, study, hotel, company office lighting.

Weikang LED eye protection table lamp all use imported HI-POWER LED light source!

First, Weikang LED eye protection table lamp, all using imported HI-POWER LED light source, 50,000 hours of service life. Unconventional light source.
Weikang LED eye protection table lamp is of high quality and customers can enjoy 2 years of new and free service.
Second, the unique side lighting principle of Weikang LED eye protection table lamp, non-direct illumination, no glare is not glare!
Third, Weikang LED eye protection table lamp is a non-commonly available low-quality "eye protection table lamp", imported high-quality LED light source, aluminum alloy lamp head energy-efficient heat dissipation, and long LED life. Weikang LED eye protection table lamp truly realizes energy saving, environmental protection, no radiation and long service life.

Comparison of the light source of Weikang LED eye protection table lamp with the currently available low quality LED table lamp:

Please be patient to read the following comparison instructions first, so that you can understand the performance of LED eye protection table lamp, in order to choose a true high quality LED eye protection table lamp for yourself.

First, the light source comparison:

(1) Weikang LED eye protection table lamp adopts Taiwan technology, and the LED lamp beads used are all imported lamp beads; ordinary LED table lamps generally use low-cost domestic LED chips and lamp beads, they are generally not willing to target the low-end domestic consumer market. With good, good LED lamp beads and poor LED lamp beads price difference several times! Although the theoretical life of LED is long, not all LEDs can last for 50,000 hours. Low-cost and low-grade LEDs are bad for two or three months. Not bad, but the light decay is more serious, and it is much darker.

(2) Weikang LED eye protection table lamp adopts 90 3014 LED lamp beads. The general table lamp uses a single 0.0 watt low power LED. Compared with 3014 lamp beads, the brightness and stability are good, and the light decay is small. Small power LEDs have unstable problems, so high-power LEDs are a trend.

(3) Weikang LED eye protection table lamp adopts patented light guide plate technology, which is also very important! The ordinary low-power LEDs of the desk lamps are bare exposed. When working, the light is directly emitted from the LED particles. Each LED particle is a glaring small fireball! Take a look, it will be black for a while! The eyes are so close to the desk lamp, how can I use it! You can't see where the LEDs of this desk lamp are. They may not think of where they are. In fact, these LEDs are divided into two rows, which are evenly distributed on the two sides of the lamp head. The light emitted by the LED is actually horizontal, and then Through the light guide plate into a uniform light perpendicular to the lamp head, the entire light guide plate becomes a uniform illuminant, thereby converting the intense point light source of the LED into a soft and uniform surface light source.

Second, the lamp head comparison: the lamp head is die-cast aluminum, a lot of fin-shaped heat sink, the heat generated by the LED chip is timely transmitted and emitted to ensure the life of the LED; the ordinary LED table lamp has many heat treatment, many are plastic, how to conduct heat, There is not enough heat dissipation area, not professional! Do not deal with heat issues seriously! The heat does not come out, the internal temperature of the LED is getting higher and higher, and the light decay is very powerful. But LED is a semiconductor light-emitting device that converts electrical energy directly into light energy, and another part is converted into heat energy. The generated heat energy is emitted through the aluminum lamp holder. Therefore, when working for a long time, our lamp head is also hot, which is normal!

Third, the light arm comparison: the light arm material is aluminum alloy, adjustable arm design, can be rotated according to your own needs, horizontal rotation or up and down adjustment, free to adjust, very convenient, can provide a variety of lighting in your office, study, reading demand.

Four: base comparison: metal base, relatively heavy, a good balance of the lamp body, it is safer to use.

Five: Fix the clip. As the table lamp has a spare fixed clip, if the table area is too small, or there are many things on the table, you can use the clip to fix it on the side of the table, so that it does not occupy the area of ​​the table.

Six: The whole table lamp itself has a net weight of 5.2 kg, plus the total weight of the accessories is 6 kg. Don't be willing to pay for the lights.

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