Intel launches: Non-core version of SNB Core i5 or will debut

Intel launches: Non-core version of SNB Core i5 or will debut Although Ivy Bridge will be released in April and some of the Sandy Bridge low-end models will soon be delisted, Intel recently quietly planned three new models of SNB processors: According to VR-Zone reports, these three "last train" models The CPUs are the "temporary" Core i5-2550K, Core i5-2380P, and Core i5-2450P that we previously reported.

Although it is a "temporary worker" and needs to "take responsibility", these three CPUs are bound to be buoyed by certain favors - just like the hot Xeon E3-1230, because they don't have HD Graphics core graphics. Although the Quick Sync Quick Video Encoding feature was lost, it can reduce power consumption for most mid- to high-end users, and integrated graphics and their functions are not available for most of the time.

The specifications of the three CPUs are: Core i5-2380P The default frequency is 3.1GHz and Core i5-2400 is the same, TB 3.4GHz. The Core i5-2450P default frequency 3.2GHz, TB 3.5GHz. The Core i5-2550K is 100 MHz faster than the Core i5-2500K and achieves 3.4 GHz, TB 3.8 GHz. All three CPUs have 6MB Cache and do not support VT-d or TXT technology.

Although we do not know when these new products will be on the market, we can speculate that prices will be similar to those of the E3-1230, which is higher than the integrated graphics core.

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