How to enhance the cool open smart TV network signal?

Did everyone find that the signal of the box was not good when they opened the Smart TV? Often find video buffers, or play video games to find the game will be stuck will be stalled and so on. The following boiled gives you the popularity of several ways to enhance the cool open smart TV network signal, and hope to help everyone.

The first move, modify the router signal channel.

The default channel set by the wireless router is usually blocked, so we need to modify the channel by ourselves, and we can modify it with software. It will be much better.

The second move, update the router ah.

Because a lot of smart TVs are now old people, children rarely use them after setting up televisions, often neglecting the point, that is, the router's software updates. The new version of the software will usually enhance the router's signal and performance, if we If you forget to update, you can't enjoy it, so you need to update it in time to ensure speed.

The third measure, update the wireless network card driver

The reason is the same as the second measure, the network card firmware will also increase the WIFI signal, so we must remember to update it.

In the fourth move, put the router in the center of the room.

This trick is only for the home is a good use of duplex housing, oh, for the second floor guarantee signal.

The fifth measure is to update the antenna of the router or router in time.

If you can change, you can also repair, specific analysis of specific circumstances, you can not spend much money on it.

The sixth move, looking for manufacturers.

This does not have to explain it, you can return to the factory repair or return or change will do.

Seventh move, buy a cheap wireless router and use him as a transit station.

Installing a router is equivalent to adding an access point, and then the second router in the home market is AP mode, which is connected to the master router through the LAN port. However, the IP address and gateway of the second router need to be set manually, and the same SSID and secure channel must be set for him, and it must be remembered that the DHCP automatic IP assignment function is disabled.

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