Optimistic about Africa's tens of billions of dollars market, Samsung advances into South Africa to set up a new factory

Optimistic about Africa's huge market growth potential, Samsung plans to set up a new factory in South Africa, and will also build home appliances for African countries, hoping that the brand can go deep into the local life and create revenue.

The South African government plans to set up a special economic zone in the duty-free zone “Dube TradePort” near Durban to activate local investment activities, and Samsung is the first company to enter. According to the Seoul Economic Daily, Samsung is optimistic about the local economy. The strength of development is estimated to reach $10 billion in revenue in Africa in 2015.

In fact, many years ago, Samsung launched LED TVs, washing machines and other home appliances in Africa. Not only did the sales performance shine, but the market share also took the lead in the local market. In order to promote more diversified products, the Korean media pre- It is estimated that Samsung will lock in the local rich customers at the exhibition in Cape Town, South Africa, and publish high-end TVs and refrigerators to let the company's brand products go deep into the local life.

According to statistics from the Economist Intelligence Unit Ltd., it is estimated that by 2016, more than half of the countries in Africa will grow by 5% in gross domestic product, and Samsung will set up a new plant in South Africa to show Africa. The economic strength cannot be underestimated.

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