Q3 profit and pessimism, some foreign capital lowered the target price of crystal power

[High-tech LED News] LED industry leading plant, Jingdian, because of the transfer of investment in Guangxi, Thailand, loss of expansion, coupled with the industry's profit reduction, some foreign investment in the crystal TV Q3 is relatively pessimistic, Credit Suisse will be crystal The target price has dropped from 79 yuan to 65 yuan.

Dahe Securities believes that LED TV sales will be difficult to improve next year. Although Jingdian and Yiguang push LED lighting, the price difference between LED lamps and CCFL bulbs is still 4.5 times. At this stage, it is still difficult to drive the substitution demand of the mainland. Maintain the sales of crystal power, and the target price is 45 yuan.

Zeng Le viewed Credit Suisse's fundamentals, and also revised the target price of Jingdian. Credit Suisse said that the performance of Jingdian Q3 was disappointing. In the short term, it benefited from the urgent need to attract some purchases, but overall, There is still a lack of obvious gains in pushing up the stock price.

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