14-year-old middle school student won national patent with wind energy LED street light

Lingzi Fan, a 14-year-old from Hangzhou, just got a national utility model patent with the wind energy Led Street Light. Nearly two meters high machine, green semi-cylindrical foliage, only 2-3m / s wind speed can achieve rotary power generation, and then with a solar panel on top, a wind and solar complementary system. It is this wind energy LED street light that gave him a national utility model patent.

Find inspiration from the typhoon Cangnan
Talking about the creative inspiration, Ling Zifan said that all of this must start from the typhoon in Cangnan in the summer of 2011. At that time, he found that many street lights and billboards were damaged after the typhoon, and even injured people. At this time, his mind could not help but flash a question: How can we reduce the damage of these street lamps and billboards?

When it comes to the solidity of materials, these street lights and billboards are enough. However, Ling Zifan found that these street lights and billboards are all flat. When the wind side is blown, the damage will be much higher.

Under the same pressure, if the area of ​​the force is increased, the pressure can be reduced. Then, how to increase the area of ​​force under the premise of constant space? Surface!

Ling Zifan, who was obsessed with increasing the degree of firmness through the surface, had a new discovery after a failure. "On one occasion, because the installation is not fixed, the surface turned out, and the rotation will produce mechanical energy." Ling Zifan said that because the topic of new energy was very popular at that time, he quickly thought of energy conversion.

Using semi-cylindrical leaves to set power generation efficiency can be increased by more than 30%
Wind energy street lights are not uncommon in coastal areas. However, Ling Zifan found that most of the existing wind energy street lamps are vertical wing designs, and the wind blades are generally in the shape of a propeller blade. These wind energy street lamps are often not affected by the wind area in areas with large wind power, and the power generation efficiency is not high and is easily damaged.

In the process of constantly changing the angle of the surface, Ling Zifan also realized that the gradually forming semi-cylindrical leaves can effectively solve this problem.

"When a wind-powered LED street light is fixed in one place, the wind-receiving device can only receive the wind blown in one direction. If it is blown from the side, the efficiency of wind receiving will be much lower." Ling Zifan said when the wind is closed The surface is changed into a semi-cylindrical leaf surface, and the device can receive the wind in 360°, thereby improving the power generation efficiency of the device.

“In this way, street lights can be more self-sufficient, thus reducing the waste of resources caused by laying various types of wires.” Ling Zifan said that according to his own experiments, the power generation efficiency of the device can be increased by more than 30% compared with the general device. . When the wind speed is only 2-3m/s, the Street Lamp can realize self-power generation. The device, together with a solar panel, becomes a wind-solar complementary system.

At the end of September 2011, Ling Zifan sent the design draft to the National Patent Office. In August this year, he finally received the patent certificate.

A company wants to buy a patent
When the marine economy continued to receive attention, Ling Zifan also began to consider bringing this new wind energy LED street light to the ship. “The wind speed on the sea is relatively large, and this device can give full play to its advantages, ensuring no damage and more efficient power generation.”

At present, the 14-year-old boy has received invitations from many research institutes, expositions and companies, hoping to buy the patent. "Of course, before the formal production, the parameters of the vertical axis of the device have to be measured and determined." Ling Zifan said that his greatest wish is that this device can bring some help and benefit to the society.

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