Will Zhejiang LED fall into the second photovoltaic industry?

What is the status of LED (light emitting diode) industry in Zhejiang Province? What are the problems encountered? Will the emerging LED industry be the second photovoltaic industry? What are entrepreneurs worried about? On August 24, at the LED Industry Seminar held by the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Director of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Jiang Taiwei, Deputy Director Qiu Feizhang, and the heads of related divisions, and 12 well-known LED manufacturers from the province, two CEOs in the field. Experts gathered together to develop and break the pulse LED industry.

Zhejiang's LED industry occupies a technical commanding height

From a nationwide perspective, in the LED industry output rankings, Guangdong Province ranks first in the undisputed status, and government support is also quite "shocking." Although Zhejiang province has followed, but Jiangsu, Shandong, Anhui and other provinces are catching up with the strong, can not be underestimated.

Although the representatives of the participating companies are worried about the status quo of “strong enemies” in the country and the “retrospection” behind them, they also face the strength of themselves and are full of confidence in the future of the LED industry in our province.

The LED CEOs attending the conference generally believed that the LED industry chain and technology in Zhejiang Province were relatively complete, and the comprehensive strength of technology was the leading nationwide. Thousands of LED companies all over the country basically stood on the same starting line. If the government can finance the policies and projects, Pushing it will win the first chance for the future breakthrough of LED industry in Zhejiang Province.

So far, Zhejiang has a relatively complete semiconductor lighting industry chain, has formed its own characteristics and advantages in the LED product testing, power LED packaging, LED lighting applications, power-driven circuits and other industries, initially formed a strong The research and development and production capabilities. In the field of LED product testing technology and equipment manufacturing, research on key technologies and equipment for on-line testing of semiconductor lighting industrialization developed by “Remote Optoelectronics” has been listed in the national “863” project plan, and the main product’s domestic market share has reached 80%. In terms of application products, "Beili Optoelectronics" has introduced the advanced technology of the Changchun Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and has achieved technological leadership advantages in the indoor and outdoor display markets.

Hua Guichao, chairman of Infinity Electronics (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., said that although the general economic situation this year is far from satisfactory, corporate sales are expected to have a certain gap with reality, but there is still room for good profit growth. This is mainly due to advantages in technology and talent.

Zhejiang Shenghui Lighting Co., Ltd. completed sales revenue of 520 million yuan last year. Executive Deputy Director Lu Guangming said that after long-term investment in research and development, remote, intelligent, systematic LED lighting has been overcome. This year is expected to complete the sales target of 700 million yuan.

LED is not the second photovoltaic industry

The photovoltaic industry, which was once very popular, fell from the peak to the bottom in a few short years, and the domestic first-line companies were in an embarrassing situation of huge losses. However, in the LED industry, which is also a strategic emerging industry, there has been a kind of suspicion that LED will follow the trail of photovoltaic industry and become the second photovoltaic industry.

Jiang Zhouyi, vice president of the Institute of Automation at Hangzhou Dianzi University, refuted this argument. He said: The LED industry is by no means the second photovoltaic industry. Because the LED industry not only has a huge domestic market as a support, but also a strong foreign market can rely on, and LED applications are very broad, more importantly, technology is still developing.

According to conservative estimates, if all the lights in our country are replaced by LEDs, the amount of electricity saved by the country in lighting is equivalent to 2.5 Three Gorges hydropower stations. Ye Zhizhen, director of the Material Department of Zhejiang University, asserted that if LED lighting is used in civilian applications, the bright future is certain. LED lighting will be one of the largest emerging industries in the world.

"The LED industry is the healthiest and most promising industry. The potential for the next step in the LED market is still huge. As long as there is technology content, technology remains in the lead, even if the economic situation fluctuates, it will take the initiative in the market competition." Hangzhou Yuanfang Pan Jiangen, general manager of Optoelectronics Information Co., Ltd., said.

Call for industry alliances to welcome Chaoyang

It is the greatest common denominator of participating companies to invest heavily in research and development at the expense of large sums of money, but the long-term huge investment in R&D has also become the Achilles heel of slow-moving development.

The reporter learned from the meeting that Infineon Electronics (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.'s annual research and development expenses accounted for more than 10% of sales revenue. Tiantong Holdings Co., Ltd., an LED sapphire substrate material project, has invested more than 300 million yuan. Wang Micheng, president of Hangzhou Hongyan Electric Co., Ltd., told the reporter that “Hongyan”’s R&D investment has increased at a rate of 1% per annum over the past two years, and will reach 6% this year.

Supported by the government, companies hold group research and development -- the establishment of the LED industry technology innovation alliance has become the common aspiration of the participating companies. Pan Jiangen said that the LED industry in our province has reached the initial stage of the Chaoyang industry when technology industrialization and the market go hand in hand. What is worth the most is not the investment in large-scale industrialization, but the organization of large forces for technical research and development.

He believes that our province has the conditions to set up an industrial technology innovation alliance, set up research institutes in advantageous enterprises, and appropriate investment, can play the role of four or two, which is beneficial to the long-term development of the industry.

Jiang Taiwei expressed his support for the establishment of an innovation alliance after listening to the representatives of the company. He said that if the establishment of an industrial technology innovation alliance does not have the urgent aspirations and needs of the enterprises, it will not work well. Entrepreneurs have such a strong desire to build the LED industry technology innovation alliance this year. He suggested that after the establishment of the Innovation Alliance, it can take the initiative to design some major projects and strive for provincial and national funding support. It is hoped that this will lead to the formation of heavyweight leading large companies, which will then drive the development of small businesses and form a momentum for Zhongxing.

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