AUO is expected to become the second panel factory to stabilize the supply of mobile devices

AUO's active organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) panel has recently improved its yield. In addition to being supplied to the Japanese manufacturer's Sony 4.3-inch OLED panel, it will also be submitted to Taiwan's HTC and ASUS for certification. If passed, AUO will become the second manufacturer to supply OLED panels to mobile devices after Samsung, to seize the smart phone panel business opportunities.

AUO has improved its AMOLED process yield, especially in the previous section. Therefore, it is also beginning to expand the back-end process equipment and expand the mass production scale. AUO said that the AMOLED panel for mobile phones is expected to be mass-produced in Q4 in 2012. At this stage, it is produced at AUO 3.5-generation plant in Hsinchu Science Park, with an estimated monthly production capacity of 7,000 glass substrates. At the same time, AUO's 4.5-generation AMOLED plant in Singapore is also installed, with an estimated monthly production capacity of 15,000 glass substrates, which will be mass-produced in early 2013.

Electronic Drawing tablet Features: (drawing with pressure, slim and convenience, erase button, environment-friendly, sturdy and durable)
1.Non-toxic and environment-friendly health eraser board: it can be used as an educational toy, dictation board, calculation paper, drawing board, message board
2. No oil, no ink, dust, pressure painting, the key to clear, environment-friendly health, anti-fall-resistance
3. Reuse, save resources, save 20 trees of 10 age trees in one lifetime, add green for the earth

Digital drawing tablet Instructions:

1. Using the pen's own pen to write and draw, different pen pressures produce different line thicknesses
2. Press the clear key to clear the contents of the tablet

When cleared, the LCD Drawing Pad Tablet screen will flicker

Electronic Writing TabletTablet For Drawing

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