Gaogong LED focuses on traditional lighting transformation strategy Zhongshan Station seminar debut in Guzhen Light Fair

With the National Development and Reform Commission's announcement of the ban on the sale of 100 watts and more incandescent lamps from October 1, 2012, the LED lighting industry has been supported by relevant national policies, and traditional lighting has gradually transformed into LED lighting.

At the beginning of this year, LED lighting companies such as Tsinghua Tongfang, Hongli Optoelectronics, Guoxing Optoelectronics, Dehao Runda, Zhenmingli and others have launched a rush to domestic channels; while traditional lighting brands, including Philips, NVC, Op, Sidon, Products are also trying to expand their domestic LED lighting sales channels; even the original home lighting brands, such as Xinteli, Guanhua, Hongguang, Marantz, etc. will also extend the product line to the LED lighting series, relying on and optimizing The original distribution network to join the LED lighting marketing war.

Obviously, the domestic LED channel dispute has entered a fever.

However, the transformation of traditional lighting into LED lighting is not a smooth road. In the process of transformation, there are success models like Sunlight, Shanghai Yaming, Debang Lighting, and there are also wavers like Foshan Lighting and NVC Lighting.

Industry insiders admit that "it is difficult to change the concept if the transition is difficult." In the past few years, the pace of domestic traditional lighting companies' transition to LEDs has not been firm enough. Although some of them are involved in LED lighting, their performance support relies mainly on traditional lighting and cannot be fully invested.

Dr. Zhang Xiaofei, CEO of Gaogong LED, called this kind of mentality “defense”, but the consequences of “defending” means passive, passive means backwardness, and backward means elimination.

According to the investigation of "High-tech LED" reporters, the traditional distributors of the channel transformation LEDs mainly look at the price/performance ratio. Many traditional lighting brand dealers directly purchase the assembled products from Zhongshan Guzhen to complete the traditional transition to LED.

This year, the domestic LED price war has reached a very fierce stage. Not only is the industrial base of the ancient town of Zhongshan, which is equivalent to serious quality, so expensive, even listed companies such as Zhen Mingli and Changfang Lighting have begun to join the price war.

For the low price is not the key to open the lighting market, the price war will last for a long time, the industry believes that the LED market will remain in the price war stage in the short term. "Price war, there must be objects, who we are playing with the price war. It seems that it is still a melee. Obviously, it seems that the effect is not obvious."

From October to December 2012, the “2012 Traditional Lighting Transformation LED Lighting Strategy Roving Seminar” jointly sponsored by Gaogong LED, Gaogong LED Mall and “High-tech LED Lighting Market” will be held in Zhongshan and Foshan, respectively. Jiangmen, Shunde, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Huizhou and other traditional lighting industry tours were held. The seminar will invite leaders of well-known traditional lighting companies, LED lighting companies and representatives of outstanding lighting distributors to discuss the traditional lighting industry transformation strategy and the cooperation strategy of enterprises, channels and owners.

At 9:00 on October 19, 2012, the Zhongshan Station Seminar will be held in conjunction with the Zhongshan Guzhen Light Fair in 2012, at the Conference Center on the third floor of Zhongshan Guzhen Lighting Plaza.

At that time, Dr. Zhang Xiaofei, CEO of Gaogong LED, Zhou Jiaxiang, Chairman of Laiya Lighting, Wang Wanchuan, General Manager of Xiaobailong Lighting, Lin Jiliang, Deputy General Manager of Mulinsen Lighting, COO Li Sheng, etc. will jointly face the bottleneck of LED lighting transformation in traditional lighting. Countermeasures, LED lighting and traditional lighting cooperation models and practices, overseas sales strategies in the new situation of the lighting industry, etc., were discussed in depth, and there was a round-table dialogue to answer questions from the audience.

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