Cattle take shortcuts: Crazy swallow new iPad in the hands of Hong Kong dealers

Cattle take shortcuts: Crazy swallow new iPad in the hands of Hong Kong dealers Due to the adoption of the policy of booking and picking up goods, coupled with the constant clearance of the Hong Kong police, when the new iPad was finally officially listed, Apple's retail store did not appear in the scene of arrogance of the cattle.

It is now reported that Huaqiangbei has held nearly 200,000 units of New iPad's supply of goods accounting for 90% of the country's imports, and most of these are Hong Kong editions. Where did so many sources come from?

Hong Kong media reported today that apparently the policy of booking and picking has severely constrained the behavior of the cattle rushing to purchase new iPads. In fact, these people have set aside a shortcut to focus on those Hong Kong distributors that have sources of supply and carry out large projects. Bulk purchase, but the price is 300-400 Hong Kong dollars higher than the official 3888.

This directly led to the fact that, with the exception of the Apple official, Hong Kong users cannot purchase new iPads at normal prices. It is reported that there are currently consumers who report to Hong Kong ICAC and hope that they will investigate the matter.

At the same time, for the newly-opened Apple iPad to purchase new iPad shortcuts, Apple, which has always emphasized strict control over distributors, does not know whether it will also investigate.

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