The latest category of damage-resistant lighting fixtures for larger industries

The glass cover has a complete prismatic structure that limits the glare of the glare to one side and more efficient illumination from the other side. Further enhancement of the light is achieved by an internal aluminum reflector, and an external reflector made of highly polished aluminum is suitable as an option, depending on the task of the luminaire, whether it is a narrow or wide luminous intensity distribution. Can be achieved. In order to achieve the correct choice of reflectors and the best energy efficiency of the luminaires, economic considerations are becoming more and more important when designing luminaire installations, especially for large factories. The following luminaire types are available for the 6050 series housing models: halogen incandescent lamps, high pressure sodium lamps, high pressure metal halide lamps, high pressure mercury lamps and induction lamps.

Because of its very long working life (up to 60,000h) and the ability to start even in low temperature environments (down to -40), this type of induction lamp is particularly suitable for use in places where it is very difficult to replace the luminaire, ie It is a costly and laborious place to replace the luminaire.

Another advantage of this type of luminaire is that it is re-ignited immediately after it is extinguished, which makes utilization and equipment safer.

Rough working conditions are not a problem for the 6050 series of new chandeliers. Maintenance and repair costs account for a large share of the operating costs of the industrial sector. Therefore, for these companies, the cost must first be reduced. As for the 6050 series of lamps, the smooth replacement of lamps in a short period of time creates conditions for cost optimization.

The glass cover can be unscrewed after removing a locking screw on the glass cover support ring. The glass cover support ring features a ferrule to prevent the glass cover from falling out. This ensures that the luminaire is easily and safely used and serviced in special environmental applications. For example: when used on refineries and drilling rings. If the supply voltage on the opening of the lamp is required to be automatically cut off, then installing a two-pole switch and forcibly opening the circuit breaker is an option. When the glass cover is unscrewed from the explosion-proof thread, the luminaire is cut off from the power source.

Other accessories also optimize the application of the 6050 Series luminaires, which include stainless steel mounts that allow the luminaire to hang at different angles within the internal inclination of 40, as shown. It is also an option to use a chain that can be rotated to mount the 6050 series of lamps, as shown. This is achieved by adding a metal ring to the top of the housing.

Efficient lighting can be achieved even if the fixtures are hung up.

Our Led Industrial Lighting are designed to provide optimal lighting for factories,warehouse,manufacturing plants,distribution centers,parking garages and gyms.etc..We have Led High Bay for indoor use,and UFO high bay with IP65 for outdoor use.Our main technology is in the radiating fins design.The riveting process for the radiator plate and fins is mainly installed in the mold fixture,each module comprise a plurality of fins,and with a predetermined gap between adjacent fins,and the fins can be inserted into the positioning mould,by interlacing the fins and the adjacent punch,the plate is with trench to positioning in metallurgical equipment,stamping equipment impact the back of the base plate to make the fins riveting consolidation,Through the implementation of the above technology,the stamping riveting method is better than the traditional radiator processing,it is highly effective and reduce the mould broken, and provide precision and high quality products.

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