Taiwan Trade Association group went to Thailand to seek LED lighting and solar energy integration business opportunities

From March 18th to 24th, the "Sunshine Optoelectronic Engineering Southeast Asia Visiting Group" organized by the Foreign Trade Association of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan invited Jinhuacheng Engineering, Dajing Optoelectronics, Yuxin Technology, Green Season Technology and other related manufacturers. In conjunction with the Solar Energy Industry Association resources, we will travel to Thailand and Malaysia to secure business opportunities for solar modules and LED lighting engineering and systems.

The delegation of the Foreign Trade Association will assist in the one-on-one business cooperation and negotiation with important local buyers through the Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur Taiwan Trade Centers. At the same time, they will handle local tax regulations and arrange local solar energy projects, LED lighting and green energy. Large developers to establish a pipeline of cooperation between the two parties, which will facilitate the development of subsequent business opportunities.

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