Crystal Optoelectronics revenue increased 31% last year, this year plans to raise 410 million yuan

Crystal Optoelectronics released its 2011 financial report. The annual operating income was 433 million yuan, an increase of approximately 30.51% over the same period of last year. The total profit was 150 million yuan, an increase of 37.60% over the same period of last year. The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 122 million yuan. , an increase of 30.23% over the same period last year.

The company relies on the processing of optical optoelectronic components to develop precision optical coating products and accelerate the development of new energy-related products. At present, the main products are precision optical film components, sapphire substrates (including PSS), micro projection modules and other products production, processing and sales. Products are widely used in digital cameras, camera phones, computer cameras, surveillance systems, projectors, game consoles and other imaging fields and semiconductor lighting.

In 2011, due to fluctuations in demand in the LED industry and expansion of production capacity, the price of long-crystal raw materials for LED sapphire substrates decreased significantly, with a drop of more than 50%, resulting in a certain price loss for the company's inventory.

In addition, Crystal Optoelectronics released the 2012 investment plan, with a total investment of 410 million yuan. The relevant major investments will be arranged according to the schedule and will be handled according to relevant regulations and approval procedures. The specific project investment is divided into fundraising projects and non-raised funds projects. The plan is as follows:

I. Investment in fundraising projects

Precision photoelectric film components include infrared cut-off filters (especially blue glass infrared), SLR, single-power, narrow-band and other projects for planning, other depending on market conditions, plans to 200 million yuan; of which 120 million infrared cut-off filters Directly implemented by Jiangxi Crystal Investment. Among them, the R&D center construction investment is 10 million yuan.

2. Investment in non-raised funds projects

1) Sapphire substrate project: According to market demand, adjust product structure, expand PSS production line, plan to invest 40 million yuan;
2) Technological transformation: mainly for the transformation of automation projects, for automatic testing equipment, etc., with a plan of 10 million yuan;
3) Jiaojiang New Plant Area: 80 million yuan for land and planning, basic engineering and some workshops;
4) 20 million yuan for technology development;
5) The foreign investment is 50 million yuan, focusing on the company's industrial chain and technology chain extension investment, such as crystal base mergers and acquisitions, optical communication related products, medical optical sight glasses, microscopic imaging systems and other cooperation.

1.27mm (0.05") Pitch Pin Headers
Antenk offers a variety of high quality and competitively priced 1.27mm pitch single,dual, three and quad row pin (male) headers used in many board-to-board PCB connections, fitting small-sized, densely-packed devices.

This low-profile component is made from high-temperature thermoplastic and is offered with several means of connections and mounting styles such as through-hole (THM) or surface mount (SMT) and can be in vertical (straight), elevated or at a right angle configuration/orientation dissipating current of about 1.0 A or less.

The pin (male) header is generally mated with receptacle or stackable header connectors (female sockets). This types of pin headers are suitable for PCB board to board connection or for signal transmission application.

Applications of 1.27mm Pitch Pin Headers
Small equipment and devices can highly benefit from the small but robust stature of the 1.27mm pitch Pin Header as its material is tested for high-vibration and shock requirements of the automotive, industrial, and consumer electronics industries. This 1.27mm pitch pin header is widely used in diverse applications such as:
Medical Diagnostic and Monitoring equipment
Communications: Telecoms and Datacoms
Industrial and Automotive Control and Test
Retail and Point-Of-Sale equipment
Mil/Aero and Home Security
Solar applications
Weighing systems
Vehicle infotainment
Computer peripherals
Heart monitors

Mount Type: 
Through-hole vs Surface Mount
1.27mm pitch pin (male) headers are offered in either Surface-mount or Through-hole mount termination. At one side of this pin header is a series of pins which can either be mounted and soldered directly onto the surface of the PCB (SMT) or placed into drilled holes on the PCB (THM).

Through-Hole (Poke-In)
Best used for high-reliability products that require stronger connections between layers.

Aerospace and military products are most likely to require this type of mounting as these products experience extreme accelerations, collisions, or high temperatures.
Useful in test and prototyping applications that sometimes require manual adjustments and replacements.
1.27mm vertical single row header, 1.27mm vertical dual row header, 1.27mm Elevated single row pin header, 1.27mm Elevated dual row pin Header, 1.27mm Right-angle single row header and 1.27mm Right-angle dual row header are some
examples of Antenk products with through-hole mount type.

The most common electronic hardware requirements are SMT.
Essential in PCB design and manufacturing, having improved the quality and performance of PCBs overall.
Cost of processing and handling is reduced.
SMT components can be mounted on both side of the board.
Ability to fit a high number of small components on a PCB has allowed for much denser, higher performing, and smaller PCBs.
1.27mm Right-angle Dual Row pin header, 1.27mm SMT Single row pin header, 1.27mm SMT Dual row pin header and 1.27mm Elevated Dual Row Pin Header are Antenk`s SMT pin headers.
Soldering Temperature for 1.27mm Pitch Pin Headers
Soldering SMT pin connectors can be done at a maximum peak temperature of 260°C for maximum 60 seconds.

Vertical (Straight) and Right-Angle
1.27mm pitch headers may be further classified into pin orientation as well, such as vertical or straight Male Header or right-angle male header.

Vertical or Straight Pin (Male) Header Orientation
One side of the series of pins is connected to PCB board in which the pins can be at a right-angle to the PCB surface (usually called "straight" or [vertical") or..

Right-Angle Pin (Male) Header Orientation
Parallel to the board's surface (referred to as "right-angle" pins).
Each of these pin-types have different applications that fit with their specific configuration.

Pcb Connector Stacking
Elevated Pin Header Orientation
Elevated pins aka Stacked Pins or Mezzanine are simply stacked pin headers providing an exact distance requirement between PCBs that optimizes electrical reliability and performance between PCB boards.

Profile Above PCB
This type of configuration is the most common way of connecting board-to-board by a connector. First, the stacking height is calculated from one board to another and measured from the printed circuit board face to its highest insulator point above the PCB.

Single, Dual or Multiple Number of Rows
For a 1.27mm straight or vertical Male Pin Header, the standard number of rows that Scondar offers ranges from 1 to 2 rows. However, customization can be available if 3, 4 or n number of rows is needed by the customer. Also, the number of contacts for the single row is about 2-50 pins while for dual row, the number contacts may vary from 4-100 pins.

Pin Material
The pins of the connector have been designed with copper alloy. With customer`s demand the pins can be made gold plated.

Breakaway design
The pin headers are also equipped with a breakaway design making them fully compatible with their female receptacles.

Custom 1.27mm Pitch Pin Headers
Customizable 1.27 mm pitch pin headers are also available, making your manufacturing process way faster as the pins are already inserted in the headers, insulator height is made at the right size and the accurate pin length you require is followed.
Parts are made using semi-automated manufacturing processes that ensure both precision and delicacy in handling the headers before packaging on tape and reel.

Tape and Reel Packaging for SMT Components
Antenk's SMT headers are offered with customizable mating pin lengths, in which each series has multiple numbers of circuits, summing up to a thousand individual part number combinations per connector series.
The tape and reel carrier strip ensures that the headers are packaged within accurately sized cavities for its height, width and depth, securing the headers from the environment and maintaining consistent position during transportation.
Antenk also offers a range of custom Tape and reel carrier strip packaging cavities.

1.27mm Male Header

Pin Header Connector,1.27Mm Male Header,1.27Mm Male Header Pins,1.27Mm Pin Header Connector,0.05in Male Header,1.27mm SMT (Surface Mount) pin header,1.27mm Right-angle (Through hole) pin header

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